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Snowflake Hanger

Snowflake Hanger

Description:  The Snowflake Hanger is an elegant way to display your plants.  The long straps are made with a series of Snowflake designs, which are Square knots arranged in a rounded diamond shape. 

The area at the top is a smooth round tube, and there are two fringes at the bottom, which can be beaded or brushed. 

When choosing a plant pot for this plant hanger, it should be at least 10 inches wide.

This Macrame project is rated Moderate, since it requires a lot of work to balance the tension of the cords.   

Beginners should practice all the knots several times before trying this pattern.

The finished size is 54 inches, which includes a 10-inch fringe at the bottom.

 Supplies Needed:
  • 4mm cord material (177 yards)
  • One 2-inch ring
  • One 3-inch ring
  • Project boards and pins
  • Flexible Measuring Tape
  • 10mm Beads (48) -- hole size 4mm or more  (for beaded fringe)


Knots Used in Pattern:

Preparation and Mounting

Step 1:  Cut 24 cords, each 7 yards long.   Prepare the tips to prevent them from unraveling while you work on the Snowflake Hanger. 

Cut 1 cord, 36 inches long (for the Wrapped Knot).

Pass 6 cords through the 2-inch ring while holding it upright, as shown in the next image.  Fold them over the bottom of the ring, then balance each one by matching the ends.  

Place 6 more cords on top of the first group, and balance them as well.

Using clips to hold the first set of cords, while you balance the ones on top, makes this process easier.  

Wrapped Knot

Step 2:  Tie a Wrapped Knot around the 12 folded cords, using a 36-inch cord. 

The knot should be at least 1.5 inches from top to bottom.  Start it as close to the ring as possible. 


Step 3:  Secure the Wrapped Knot upright on your project board, with the cords arranged in a circle. Pass the 3-inch ring over it, arranged so the knot is in the center.

Attach each cord to the 3-inch ring with a Double Half Hitch.  Make sure you pull each cord taut prior to tightening.

Step 4:  Organize all the cords into sets of two.  Make some space between each set.


Mount the remaining 12 cords onto the 3-inch ring with REVERSE Larks Head knots. 

They should be placed between each set of 2 cords already on the ring.

Step 4, continued:  When you are finished, if the ring is not completely covered, add more Half Hitches. 

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you add the knots with the first group of cords only (attached with DHH in step 3), NOT the ones you added in this step.  

Step 5:  Hang up the cords by the 2-inch ring. 

You cannot make the top area of the Snowflake Hanger with the cords resting on a surface, since you have to work in a circle.


Tie rows of Alternating Square Knots, using 4 cords per knot. Make sure the knots are tight, and the first row rests against the 3-inch ring. 

Pull firmly on the filler cords after each knot is tightened, to remove any slack.  This will produce a smoother design.  

Stop when you've reached 7 inches.

Long Straps -- Snowflake Design

The long straps for the Snowflake Hanger can be made on a surface, or while the plant hanger is suspended.  

Take your time and focus on making sure there is the same distance between each Snowflake.  Measure carefully.  

Tighten each knot firmly, with the same amount of tension, keeping the knots level (not tilted).  The tension of the cords between the Snowflakes needs to be the same, too. 

IMPORTANT:  You need to be able to tie both left and right Square knots, so if you are not familiar with them, practice before you get started.

12 Cords

Step 6:  Isolate the cords coming from 3 Square knots resting next to each other, in the last row of ASK. 

Mentally number the 12 cords.

The following knots for the Snowflake Hanger should be tightened firmly, so they are close together.


Step 7:  Tie a LEFT SK with cords 3 - 6.  The first working cord you move is on the left (cord 3).

Tie a RIGHT SK with cords 7 - 10.  The first working cord you move is on the right (cord 10).

V Shape

Step 8:  To complete the V Shape, tie a LEFT SK with cords 5 - 8.


Step 9:  Measure down 1-inch from the knot tied in Step 8, then tie another LEFT SK with cords 5 - 8. 

Carefully tighten the knot, while holding the fillers taut. 


Step 10:  Tie a LEFT SK with cords 3 - 6.

Tie a RIGHT SK with cords 7 - 10.

Make sure the cords are straight and taut between the V shape and these knots (see next image). 


Step 11:  Tie a LEFT SK with cords 1 - 4.

Tie a RIGHT SK with cords 9 - 12.

Make sure the cords are straight and taut between the V shape and these knots. 

4 Fillers

Step 12:  Cords 4 and 9 are the working cords for the large SK in the center.  The fillers are cords 5 - 8.

Tie a left SK.  The first half of it should line up with the SK tied in step 11 (shown with lines and arrow).


Step 13:  Tie a LEFT SK with cords 1 - 4.

Tie a RIGHT SK with cords 9 - 12.

These knots should line up with the second half of the SK in the center (from step 11). 


Step 14:  Tie a LEFT SK with cords 1 - 4.

Tie a RIGHT SK with cords 9 - 12.

Step 15:  Tie a LEFT SK with cords 5 - 8.

Step 16:  Repeat steps 9 - 15 seven times, to make a total of 8 Snowflakes for the same strap of the Snowflake Hanger. 

In step 9, measure down 1-inch from the knot tied in step 15

Important: When you make the 4th and 8th Snowflake, cords 2 and 11 must be switched with cords next to them, so they are used as working cords at least two times.  You can do this more often if you wish.

So tie the two knots in step 13, then switch cords 2 and 3.  Do the same with cords 10 and 11.  Mentally re-number them in those positions, and continue on to the next step. 

Step 17:  Make three more straps for the Snowflake Hanger, using the remaining cords.  Repeat steps 6 - 16 with each group.

Make sure each group of 12 cords come from three Square knots.

Cradle and Fringe

The Cradle for the Snowflake Hanger is custom made to fit the plant pot or bowl you are using. 


Step 18:  Measure the pot or bowl from the top edge down to the bottom center area.

Divide that measurement by 2. 

Use the result in step 20.


Step 19: Select two straps that lie next to each other when the Snowflake Hanger is suspended.

Six cords coming from Snowflake #8 are combined to form a new group of 12.    Cords 6 - 12 from the left strap are combined with cords 1 - 6 from the strap on the right.


Step 20: Mentally number the new group of 12 cords. 

Tie a SK with cords 5 - 8, after moving down the result you got in step 18.

Make sure the cords are pulled taut as shown.

Step 21:  Repeat steps 19 and 20, combining the remaining cords.  Make sure you choose 6 cords from two different straps that rest next to each other.  Tie only one SK for now.

Place the bowl inside the Snowflake Hanger to check the placement of these knots.  Arrange the last Snowflake (#8) from each strap so they rest just below the top edge of the bowl or pot.   (See image below)


Step 22:  When everything is balanced and the knots in the right position, complete the Snowflakes with each set of 12 cords by repeating steps 10 - 15.

I recommend you keep the bowl in place, so you get the tension right.  The cords need to lie flat and straight.


Step 23:  Select cords 5 - 8 from each of the Snowflake designs you just made, and gather them together. Tie a Wrapped knot around the group, making sure it rests at the bottom of the pot or bowl, in the center. 

Placing something heavy inside the pot really helps keep it from moving while you do this step. 

Step 24:  You have options in making the fringes for your Snowflake Hanger.  There are two of them -- the cords you wrapped in the previous step, and the remaining cords

Option 1:  Unravel and brush the cords after trimming them to the length you want.

Option 2:  Trim the cords and tie Overhand knots at the tips.  (See step 25)

Option 3:  Reduce to only one fringe (the wrapped cords).  Finish off the remaining cords by tying knots so they rest in the back of the Snowflake design.

Option 4:  For the wrapped cords (bottom of pot), trim them to 12 inches, then apply beads to the tips, followed by an Overhand knot.  (See step 25)


For the remaining cords, gather them into groups of four (cords 1- 4 and 9 - 12).  Tie Wrapped Knots around these groups, at least 1/2-inches long. 

Move down at least 5 inches, and apply beads to each cord, followed by an Overhand knot.  (See step 25)

Step 25:  When using Bonnie Braid or similar material, cut off the excess material close to the Overhand knots and melt the stub with a flame. 

When using material that does not melt, such as cotton, you need to apply glue to the Overhand knot while tightening, or use a different type of knot.

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