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Monkey Key Chain

Monkey Key Chain


Description:  This Monkey Key Chain features a unique decorative knot called the Monkey Fist, placed at one end.  Square knots are also part of this key holder.  

This is a good Macrame project for older children, teens and beginners, since few knots are used. 

Tightening the Monkey Fist knot is challenging, so young children will need help.

This Macrame design is thick and sturdy.  Any material can be used, including the 6mm Polypropylene (Bonnie Braid) shown in the example.

Other good choices are Hemp, Rope, or Parachute Cord (Paracord).


Supplies Needed:

  • 4mm to 6mm cord material
  • Large Jump Ring designed for keys
  • Masking Tape

Knots Used:


  • Cut 1 cord, at least 72 inches long. 
  • Prepare both ends by placing tape on the tips. 
When using Paracord, an Adult should heat the ends to melt the fibers around the inner core, then apply the tape.

Step 1:  Start by making the Monkey Fist, following the instructions shown below. 

You can use either hand to hold the first part of the knot, but the photos make more sense if you place the cord on your right hand.


Monkey Fist Instructions

Step 1
  Arrange the cord so a 25-inch tail is behind your right hand.

Wrap the working end around your spread fingers three times.   

Make sure you wrap towards the tips of your fingers.

Left to Right

Step 2:  Bring the working end between your fingers, and across the wraps left to right.

Pass it down through the space between your fingers (near the palm), and wrap around the back portion.  Then bring the cord up again for the next wrap.

Step 2, continued:  As you progress, arrange the three loops moving towards your index finger (upward).

You may need to spread your fingers wider than what you see in the photo above, in order to make this portion of the Monkey Key Chain.

Left to Right

Step 3:  Carefully remove the knot from your fingers, and position it so you can see the two spaces on the right and left.

Bring the working end into the left space, and across the wraps you made in step 2. Move it down through the right space.

Three Wraps

Step 4:  Wrap a total of three times, heading downward

Make sure the working end is on the right when you are through. 

The tail should be on the left.

Step 5:  Tightening the Monkey Key Chain is the most challenging step.  Be sure to read the tips below the next image.

The three sets of loops are labeled 1 - 3 in the image below.


Start at the tail, and tighten each wrap in the order they were made.

The last thing you do is pull on the working end (4).  

Tightening Tips:

  •  Locate each loop by pulling gently on the one before it. You will be able to tell that it's the one to pull next by the fact that it moves slightly.

  • Once you know you have the right segment, pull it firmly to tighten the loop before it.   It's really hard to go back a second time if the loops are not tightened enough.

  • As you tighten each segment, you should pull only one half of each loop.  You will need to turn the knot back to front and side to side. It takes longer, but it's not as confusing.

  • Gradually push the Monkey Fist into a round shape, particularly when tightening the loops in areas 2 and 3.  


The Strap

Step 6:   The next part of the Monkey Key Chain is the strap.  

Add the Ring

Pass the ends of the cord through the ring, entering into it from the top.  

Leave a space between the Monkey Fist and the ring, approximately 2 - 3 inches.   You will tie Square Knots in this area, following the instructions below.

Step 1
<< Move the left end over the portion in the center and under the right end.

Bring the right end under the portion in the center, and over the left end, as you pull it to the left.    >>
Step 2

Pull both ends firmly to tighten the first half of the Square Knot.

Step 7:  The working cords have now switched places.

You start with the left cord again, but it's now on the right

Step 3
<< Move the left end over the center area, and under the right end, heading left.

Move the right end under the portion in the center, and over the left end, heading right. >>
Step 4

Pull both ends firmly to tighten the second half of the Square Knot.

Step 8: Tie more Square knots to complete the strap for the Monkey Key Chain. 

The last knot tied should rest against the Monkey Fist knot. 



Overhand Knot

Step 9:  Turn over the Monkey Key chain and bring the two ends to the back of the design.  Tie a very tight Overhand knot with the ends.  As you tighten it, apply glue inside.

Try to squeeze the knot into the area between the Monkey Fist and the last Square Knot, it's as flat as possible.  When the glue is dry, cut off the extra material. 

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