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Macrame Splendor

Macrame Splendor Table

Description:  Macrame Splendor is a lovely Hanging Table featuring beaded fringe at both the top and bottom.  A brushed fringe is another option.

This Macrame Pattern is time consuming, due to the fine tuning necessary for the table top to be level.

The beaded fringe is optional, if you prefer a brushed fringe or want to tie off the cords.

The finished size is 60 inches, which includes the ring at the top and the lower fringe.

Special thanks goes to Rocky Czekala, who provided the inspiration for this project.


Supplies Needed:

  • 6mm cord material (300 yards)
  • Three 10-inch Rings
  • One 12-inch Ring
  • One 3-inch Ring
  • Six Beads (with 10mm - 12mm holes)
  • One piece of glass or finished wood, 16 inches in diameter
  • Project board and pins
  • Tape and Glue
  • Rubber bands (optional)
  • Optional: 12mm Beads with 6mm holes  (96 - 216 beads -- see step 19)

Knots Used:




Cut the cords as follows:

  • 18 cords, each 11 yards long 
  • 12 cords, each 4 yards long
  • 7 cords, 60 inches long

Prepare the tips with tape to prevent unraveling while you work on the Macrame Splendor Table. 


Mounting Process

Step 1:  Fold the 11-yard cords in half, and pass them through the 3-inch ring, while holding it upright. (see image below)

Match the ends so equal amounts are on each side of the ring.

Fold the 4-yard cords in half, and place them on top of the 11-yard cords.

Organize all the cords into two separate groups: Those in front of the ring and the cords behind the ring.

Wrapped Knot

Use the 60-inch cord to tie a Wrapped knot around the entire bundle.  It should be close to 2 inches long.

Wrap firmly, keeping the cord flat without twisting, so Macrame Splendor is neat in this area.


Step 2:  Pull down on each of the 4-yard and 11-yard cords, to remove any slack.

Apply glue to the outer portion of the knot, as well as under the ends where they come out at the top and bottom. 

Push the ends inside the knot after trimming them to 1/2-inch. 

Roll up the two halves of each 11-yard cord and secure them with rubber bands.

This will make them easier to control while you construct the Macrame Splendor table. 




First Ring


Attach 2 Cords

Step 3:  Place all the cords inside a 10-inch ring.

Temporary:  Attach 2 cords to the ring with Half Hitches, to hold it level while you work on the Macrame Splendor table.

Step 4:   Move the 4-yard cords out of the way.   Divide the 11-yard cords into six groups of 6 cords.  

Three groups should be cords in the front of the ring, and the same behind.

Mentally number one group of cords 1- 6 (left to right)


Important:  Just before you attach each of the cords in the next step, measure them from the bottom of the Wrapped Knot moving down 4 inches.  

Mark the place with tape, so the lower edge is at the 4-inch mark. The ring should rest against the bottom of the tape after the following knots are tightened.

Step 4, continued:  Attach cords 6 - 1 to the ring with Larks Head knots, in that order, as shown below:

Part 1

Part 1:  Tie a Half Hitch by passing one of the cords over - under the ring, making a clockwise loop.

Make sure the working end is to the right as shown.

Part 2

Part 2:  Bring the cord under - over the ring, and under the cord as you pull it down. 

This loop rests to the left of the first.

Parts 1 and 2 = one Larks Head Knot.

Important:  Measure again, and make sure the ring rests against the lower edge of the tape.

Step 4, continued:  Attach the remaining groups of 11-yard cords in the same manner. 

Start with a group on the other side of the ring.   This will encourage the ring to stay level as you work on this area of Macrame Splendor.

Leave space between each group for the 4-yard cords.

Remove the knots from the cords that were temporarily attached with Half Hitches (step 3).

Step 5:  Repeat step 4, attaching the 4-yard cords between the other groups. 

Important:  The ring for the Macrame Splendor design probably needs extra knots to cover it completely.

When you tie the extras with cord 1, they are tied like the others, moving left to right (clockwise)

When you tie the extras with cords 4 or 6, the first half of the knot is tied so the end is pulled to the left (counter-clockwise)

This way, when you tie the second half, it will rest to the right of the other knots.

Two Knots

For each group of 11-yard cords, tie one extra Larks Head knot:

Cord 1: Place it to the left of the other knots.

Cord 6Place it to the right of the other knots.

Step 5, continued:  In each group of 4-yard cords, tie the extra knots:

Cord 1: Place it to the left of the other knots. 

Cord 4:  Place it to the right of the other knots.


Section 1

Top -- Section 1

This section of the Macrame Splendor table is made with two types of sennits.
One is a 4-cord sennit made with Square Knots (SK Sennit).

The other is a 6-cord sennit, make with Alternating Square Knots (ASK Sennit).

Make sure you know the difference, or the next steps will be confusing to you.

Step 6:  4-yard cords:  Mentally number one group of cords 1 - 4. The working cords are 1 and 4.

Tie a 5.5-inch sennit of  Square Knots (SK), pushing them close together as you progress.

11-yard cords: Mentally number one group of cords 1 - 6.

Tie Alternating Square Knots (ASK) as follows:

ASK Design

Tie one ASK with cords 1 and 3, with cord 2 as the single filler. 

Tie another with cords 4 and 6 with cord 5 as the single filler.

For the second row, tie one ASK with cords 2 and 5, with 3 and 4 as the two fillers.


Repeat the same process as described above, until the sennit measures 5.5 inches.

The bottom of the last knots in each sennit should line up (blue line).

Important:  Make adjustments to this area of the Macrame Splendor design by pushing the knots in the SK sennits closer together (4-yard cords).

Measure carefully and only add or subtract knots if absolutely necessary. 

Step 7:  Repeat step 6 with all the other groups of 4-yard and 11-yard cords.

Measure carefully so that all the sennits are exactly the same length.

Attach to Ring

Attach all the cords to the second 10-inch ring with Larks Head knots, repeating steps 3 - 5. 

Don't forget to add the extra knots.

See information below.


Important:  The sennits for the Macrame Splendor table should have tension.

To make sure the SK sennits (4-yard cords) stay straight, push the knots closer one more time.

Pull firmly on each cord before attaching it to the ring.  The last knot should rest against the ring.

The ASK sennits can be stretched slightly as the cords are attached to the ring.


Section 2

Top -- Section 2

Step 8:  Locate cords 3 and 4 from one SK sennit (4-yard cords). 

Combine them with cord 1 from the ASK sennit to the right (11-yard cords).  

Five Cords

Tie one Square knot.

  Cord 4 is the filler, and it is very short compared to the others. 

Make sure you don't accidentally use it as a working cord.

Knot 2

The second knot is tied with cords 1 - 3 from the ASK sennit on the right. 

Cord 1
is part of both knots (shared).

Tighten this knot firmly, so it's as close to the ring as possible.


This area of Macrame Splendor looks best with 1/2-inch of space between each set of knots.

So move down and tie the two knots as described above, at least 5 more times.   Measure from the ring down to the last knot you tie.

Stop when the entire sennit is 5.5 inches long.

Step 8, continued: Locate cords 4 - 6 coming from the same ASK sennit (11-yard cords).

Combine them with cords 1 and 2 from the next group to the right (4-yard cords).

Use them to tie a 5.5-inch sennit of Square Knots, pushing the knots close together.

These knots have 3 fillers (cords 5, 6, 1).

Two Sennits

When both sennits are finished, the left knot on the ASK sennit should line up with the knot at the bottom of the SK sennit.

Make adjustments to the SK sennit as needed, so the Macrame Splendor Table will be level.


Step 9:  Repeat step 8 with the remaining groups of cords.

Important:  Make sure the shortest 4-yard cords (1 and 4) are only used as FILLERS, not working cords.

Attach to Ring

Attach all the cords to the ring with Larks Head knots.

The 4-yard cords should be next to each other when you attach them.   Two will be from each type of sennit. 

Do not
add any extras with these cords.

Leave space between cords 2 and 3.

Step 9, continued:  Attach all the 11-yard cords to the ring, adding an extra knot with the first and last cord in each group.

This is similar to what you did in step 5 of the Macrame Splendor design.



Top -- Fringe

Extra Cord

Step 10:  The fringe for Macrame Splendor is made with only the 4-yard cords. 

Trim them to 12 inches, and save the scraps.

Fold a 60-inch cord in half and attach it to the ring with a Larks Head knot, in the space you left (between cords 2 and 3).

Extra knots

Use each half of the new cord to tie an extra Larks Head knot on either side of the first. 

This image shows the first half of the 3rd knot being tied.

For a brushed fringe, skip to step 12.

To make a beaded fringe for Macrame Splendor, complete the steps below.

Mentally number the 6 cords.  Attach the beads as follows:

  • Cords 1 and 6: Place the beads 2 inches below the ring. 
  • Cords 2 and 5: Place the bead at 2.5-inch.
  • Cords 3 and 4: Place the bead at 3-inch.

Fringe Detail

Tie an Overhand knot below the beads, applying glue to the inside before tightening.

When the glue is completely dry, cut the material off close to the knots.

Step 11:  Repeat step 10 with the other groups (4-yard cords only).


Step 12:  For a brushed fringe, unravel the 4-yard cords completely, into as many fibers as possible.  You can trim the cords and leave the fringe wavy, or brush the fibers. 

Optional:  You can gather the cords into small bundles, which will look like tassels.

Use scraps to tie Wrapped Knots around the 6 ends, before brushing. 




 Long Sennits (Middle Section)

Step 13:  Now you have only the 11-yard cords to make the middle section of the Macrame Splendor table. 

Mentally number the groups 1 - 6.

Groups 1, 3, 5:  Tie a 12-inch Spiral Stitch sennit, pushing the knots close together as you progress.  There are 4 fillers for these knots.

Important:  Measure from the ring to the bottom of the last knot tied.

Spiral Stitch Tip:   To keep the Spirals the same size, tie six (6) knots and then give the sennit a half twist. 

The working cords will switch places. Then you just repeat the process.

Working Cords

Add the first bead by passing the working cords through the hole.  They now become fillers.

Choose the two shortest fillers and pass them through as well, behind the working cords. 

New cords

The last two cords are the new working cords.  

Bring them around the bead, and tie another 12-inch Spiral Stitch for the Macrame Splendor table.

Step 13, continued:  Add another bead as shown above. 

For the final area, tie a 10-inch Spiral Stitch.

Measure from the ring down to the bottom of the sennit, as accurately as possible. It should be 34 - 36 inches long (depending on the size of the beads).

Push the knots together (or add/remove knots) as needed.

4 Inches

Tie a 4-inch sennit of Square Knots, pushing them close together.

This area folds around the edge of the glass and rests underneath to support it. 

Measure again, verifying that the sennit is 38 inches.

Step 14:  Now you will use groups 2, 4, and 6 to make the ASK sennits for the middle section of your Macrame Splendor table.

Tie an 10.5-inch sennit of ASK, following the instructions below:

Important:  Always measure from the ring down to the bottom of the last knot, so the Macrame Splendor table will be level.


Tie a Square Knot with cords 1 - 3, and another with cords 4 - 6 (one filler).

For the next row, tie a Square knot with cords 2 - 5 (two fillers)

As you continue, alternate between the two rows.  Make sure you stop on a row with one knot.



Step 15: Measure from the bottom of the last knot, moving down 1.5 inches

Tie a Square Knot with cords 1 - 4, so the top of it rests at the place measured. 

2nd Knot

Tie the next knot with cords 3 - 6. 

Cords 4 and 5 are shared between the two knots, similar to what you did in the 2nd top section of Macrame Splendor.


Move down 1.5 inches and tie the next ASK with cords 2 - 5. 

Step 16: Repeat steps 14 and 15.

Step 17: 
Repeat step 14. 

Important:  You need to stop when the bottom of the last knot lines up with the last knot in the Spiral Sennits.   It's OK to tie a few extra rows if necessary.

Measure once again, making sure the last row consists of 2 knots, tied with cords 1 - 3 and 4 - 6. 

Step 18: 
Attach all the cords to the 12-inch ring with Larks Head knots.

Do not add any extras.



Finishing Touches

Step 19:   The Macrame Splendor table can be finished in 3 ways: 

Option 1:  Brushed fringe

Using scraps as well as the material left in the roll, add 16-inch cords to the ring to cover it completely.  Add enough cords to fill in each section, between the ones already in place.

Trim all the cords to 8 inches.  Unravel and brush until smooth.  Trim to neaten.

Option 2:  Tassel Finish

Add the extra cords, as in Option 1. 

Divide the cords into small groups.   Tie a Wrapped Knot around each group, using 18-inch cords.  Tuck the ends of the 18-inch cord inside the wrapped portion.

Trim the cords to at least 8 inches, and brush until smooth.

Option 3:  Beaded fringe 

Trim all the cords to 12 inches (below the ring).  

Save any scraps 20 inches or longer.

Overhand Knot

For each cord, tie an Overhand knot so it rests against the Larks Head knot above it. 

Apply glue before tightening.

In each group of 6 cords, place the beads as follows:

Cords 1 and 6:  Beads should rest at 4 inches below the ring.

Cords 2 and 5:  Place the beads at 4.5 inches below the ring.

Cords 3 and 4:  The beads should be placed 5 inches below the ring.

Tie Overhand knots below the beads and apply glue before tightening.  When it's completely dry, trim off the excess material.

To cover the exposed part of the ring, you have three choices:

Option 1: Use 20-inch scraps, as well as material left on the roll, to add 12 extra cords between each group already in place (total of 72 cords). 

Add the beads as you did in the previous step. You will need 144 beads for this area, since you fold the cords in half.

Option 2:  You can use scrap cords to tie Wrapped Knots around bundles of these new cords, which will look like tassels.  These can be beaded, or you can just tie an Overhand knot at the tips (apply glue).

Option 3:  Below are instructions for a Loop Fringe.

You need two 36-inch cords for each of the 6 areas you need to cover (total of 12 cords).

New Cord

Step A: Fold a cord in half and attach it to the 12-inch ring with a Larks Head knot, between cords already in place.

Use the left half to tie the first half of a Larks Head, rotating clockwise.

Don't tighten the knot.


Step B: Tie the second half of the knot, to the left of the first.

Before tightening, pull down on the area between the knot you just tied and the first one, until it's 3 inches long. Measure from the ring to the bottom of the loop.

Pull on the left end to tighten the second knot.

Same End

Step C:  Use the left half and tie another loop in the same manner, but make this one 2 inches long.  


Step D:  Use the right half to repeat the process, but rotate counter-clockwise when you tie the knots.

Repeat steps A - D with a second cord, placing it next to the one you just added.

Repeat steps A - D, covering the other exposed areas of the ring.

Step E:  After all the loops are finished, add beads to the ends as you did the other cords. 

Step 20: Place the 16-inch piece of glass or wood on the bottom ring of the Macrame Splendor Hanging Table. 

Approximately 4 inches in the long sennits (above the lower ring) should fold around the edge and under the table top. 

Stretch them as much as you can, so the glass is as close to the 12-inch ring as possible.

Attach a sturdy hook to a ceiling and hang the table from the ring at the top.

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