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Handcrafted Planter

Handcrafted Planter

Description:  This Handcrafted Planter features the use of ceramic beads to provide contrast and appeal.  You can also use wood beads.

The overall design is easy to make, and is suitable for a beginner’s Macrame project.

This is one of my “flexible” patterns, where you get to choose the knots used in the long sennits. 

The finished length of the plant hanger is approximately 45 inches, which includes the fringe at the bottom.

Becky provided the image and the inspiration for this Macrame pattern.

Supplies Needed:
  • 6mm Macrame Cord (any type) – 82 yards
  • 8 Beads with 10mm to 12mm holes
  • Two 6-inch rings
  • One 2-inch ring
  • Ruler or measuring tape
Knots Used:
  • Other knots described below

Cutting Instructions:

  • Cut 8 cords, each 10 yards long
  • Cut 2 cords, each 36 inches long

Prepare the cords with tape to prevent unraveling, as you work on the Handcrafted Planter.



Top Section

Step 1: Fold the 10-yard cords over the bottom of the 2-inch ring, while holding the ring upright

Match the ends to center the cords.

Step 2:  Use a 36-inch cord to make a Wrapped Knot around the entire bundle of long cords.  Start the knot just below the ring, and wrap for 2 inches

Step 3: Apply glue beneath each end of the 36-inch cord, near the edges of the knot. When it's dry, trim off the excess material. 

Make sure you don’t accidentally cut the long cords.


Step 4:  Pull down on each of the folded cords, to tighten them around the ring.

You now have 16 cords to make the Handcrafted Planter.  Pass them through a 6-inch ring.

Place the ring flat on your board, and secure the ring.  Secure the Wrapped Knot in the center of it, so it's standing upright.  

Make sure the cords rest under the ring.  Arrange the cords so they are evenly spaced around the ring.

Attach each cord to the ring with a Double Half Hitch. 

The ring should be balanced when the design is hung by the small ring.  Make adjustments as needed before moving on.



Here's a diagram of the Handcrafted Planter, showing the different steps.

Note that the first three steps are not shown.

You can click on the image and a larger one will show up in a new window.



Step 5:  Hang up the Handcrafted Planter by the small ring at the top. Divide the cords into four groups consisting of 4 cords. 

Move down 2 inches below the ring, and tie one Square Knot in each group.  There will be two working cords and 2 fillers for these knots.

Step 6:  Place beads over all 4 cords, one in each group.  Just below the beads, tie another Square Knot.

Step 7: Measure each cord from the bottom of the Square Knot down to the area 2 inches below it.  Mark the spot with a pin or piece of tape. 

Pass the ends of all the cords through the other 6-inch ring.  Attach each one to it with DHH, so that the ring rests against the marked areas. 

Make adjustments to this area of the Handcrafted Planter so the ring is level.



Long Sennits (Middle Section)


Step 8: The long sennits can be made with any of the following knots.

Other knots you can try are in the Braids and Bars section of Learn Macrame

Don't be afraid to experiment, as long as the design can be made with 4 cords.

You can click on the image or link to go to the page that describes each type of decorative knot.


Square Knot sennit

Square Knot Sennit

This decorative knot is used in the Handcrafted Planter shown in the image at the top of the page.

Use cords 1 and 4 to tie the SK, with 2 and 3 as the fillers.


Spiral Sennit

Spiral Stitch Sennit

This decorative knot is called the Half Knot Spiral, because you tie the first half of a Square Knot over and over. 

Cords 1 and 4 are used to tie the knots, with 2 - 3 as the fillers. 


Half Hitch Sennit

Half Hitch Sennit

Cords 2 and 3 are used to hold the knots.  Tie the first Half Hitch with cord 1, onto cords 2 and 3.

The next knot should be made with cord 4.  The third knot is tied with cord 1 again, and so on.


Alternating Half Hitch

Alternating Half Hitch

Divide the 4 cords into two sets.  Tie a Half Hitch with the set on the right, onto the set on the left.

The next knot is the opposite:  The two on the left are used to tie a Half Hitch, and the two on the right hold the knot.  

Half Hitch Spiral

Half Hitch Spiral

Another Half Hitch design is the spiral.  You use one cord to tie Half Hitches onto the other three.  You will need to twist the knots to form the spiral.

When choosing this design, switch cords half way down the length of the sennit.

Larks Head Sennit

Larks Head Sennit

Cords 1 and 4 are used to tie Larks Head knots onto cords 2 and 3 (core).

Alternate between the two working cords as you progress.


After you choose the knot you want to use for your Handcrafted Planter, divide the cords into 4 groups of 4 cords.

Mentally number the cords in each group, 1 - 4. 

Tie enough knots so the sennit measures 6 inches

Slide a bead onto all 4 cords in one group. 

Switch the working cords with the fillers (when using Square knots or Spirals).

Tie another set of knots measuring 6 inches.



Lower Cradle


Step 9:  Measure the height of the pot you will be using in the cradle for the Handcrafted Planter (top edge to bottom).  Figure out what the halfway point will be. 

For example:  If the height is 10 inches, half way is 5 inches.

Combine two cords coming from one sennit (cords 3 and 4), with two from the next sennit to the right (cords 1 and 2). 

Measure from the last knot tied in those sennits, moving down the distance you came up with.  Tie a Square Knot at that position.

In other words, the SK needs to rest in the middle of the pot, half way between the top and bottom edges. 

Step 10: Repeat step 9 with the remaining cords.  There should be a total of 4 knots in this section of the Handcrafted Planter.

Step 11:  Bring all the cords together in one bundle.  Measure from the SK tied in the previous step, moving down the same distance you did in steps 9 and 10.  Mark the spot with a pin or tape.

Make a Wrapped Knot using a 36-inch cord.  The top of it should be at the spot you marked.  Wrap for 2 inches

Place the pot in the cradle, and make adjustments as needed.

Apply glue to the entire Wrapped knot. Cut off the excess from the short cord used to make the knot.


Finishing Touches


Step 12:  Trim the cords so the ends are even.  Choose one of the following techniques for the finishing touches for your Handcrafted Planter:

Option A:  Tie a Barrel Knot at the tip of each cord.

Option B:  Apply small beads to each cord, followed by a Barrel knot.

Option C:  Unravel the cords for a wavy fringe.

Option D:  Unravel and brush the cords.


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