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Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

Description:  This Charm Bracelet is a very basic Macrame design.  It features Square Knots and has a Buttonhole clasp.

You can decorate this Micro-Macrame bracelet with buttons, as seen in the example, along with charms.   You could also use different types of knots and apply beads, especially in the center section.

The charms cannot be removed easily.  For that reason, I recommend you use split or jump rings on the loops of the charms.  You can open the rings if you need to change the charms for any reason. Using the rings also allows the charms to dangle more freely.

In the example shown, Satin cord material was used.  If you decide to try this delicate material, be sure to lean the pins rather than push them through it.

Another option is the Cross Pin Technique.

Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm to 2mm cord material
  • 3 buttons or beads for decoration
  • Charms + rings
  • 1 button for the clasp
  • Project board, pins, tape
  • Fabric Glue that dries clear
Knots Used:

Cutting Instructions: 

Cut one holding cord, 32 inches long. 
Cut one working cord 72 inches long, for a Charm Bracelet 8 inches or less.

For a longer bracelet, increase the length of both cords.

Prepare the ends with glue to prevent unraveling.  Secure both cords to your board, at the center. 

Make sure the working cord is on the right.

First Half of Knot

Step 1:  Tie the first half of a vertical Larks Head knot by passing the working cord over - under the short holding cord, rotating clockwise.

Bring it over the working cord as you pull it right.

Second Half

Step 2:  Tie the second half of the knot by passing the working cord under - over the holding cord.

As you bring it to the right, pass it under the working cord.


Step 3:  Tie 2 or 3 more Larks Head knots, making sure the sennit is slightly larger than the button.

Turn Around

Step 4:  Turn the knots around, and go back to the center.  

Tie the same number of Larks Head knots, rotating counter-clockwise. 


Complete the Buttonhole Clasp by folding the Larks head knots to form a loop.

Tie a tight Square Knot with the working cords.  Pull the fillers firmly after the knot is tied, to remove any slack.

The instructions for the Square Knot are below.


Square Knot Instructions

Step 1
<<  Move the working cord on the left towards the right.  Pass it over the fillers and under the right working cord.

  Bring the right working cord under the fillers and over the left working cord, as you bring it to the left side of the knot.  >>
Step 2

The second half of the Square knot is tied like the first half, but in the opposite direction. 

So the first cord is curved to the left instead of the right.

Step 3
<<  Move the working cord on the right to the left.  Pass it over the fillers and under the other working cord on the left.

  Move the working cord on the left under the fillers and over the other working cord on the right.  >>      

Step 4


First Half

Step 5:  You need to do a little math now:   Take the finished length of the bracelet and subtract 1 inch.

The first portion of the Charm bracelet should be HALF that length.  Include the Buttonhole when you measure.

Tie Square Knots until you reach the correct size.

Design Tip:  The Charm Bracelet I made was 8 inches long.  So here are the calculations I made:
  • 8 inch finished length - 1 inch = 7 inches.   
  • 7 inches divided by 2 (half) = 3.5 inches

Add Decorations

Step 6:   Place a button or bead on the filler cords (optional).  Slide the right working cord through the ring of 1 charm.

As you tie the next Square knot, pull part of the right working cord to the right, so it's looser than the other side.  This will form a small picot so the charm can dangle.

Detail of Center

Step 7:  Tie one SK, then repeat step 6. 

Tie the next SK and repeat step 6 again. 

Count the number of SK you tied in the first half of the Charm Bracelet.  Include the one you tied for the clasp. 

Step 7, continued:  Tie the same number of knots for the second half, and add one extra SK.

Measure the bracelet to be sure it's balanced.

Button for Clasp

Step 8:   Pass the two filler cords through the button used for the clasp, in opposite directions.

Pull the ends to slide the button close to the last SK tied in the second half of the bracelet.

Back of Bracelet

Step 9:  Turn the Charm Bracelet over, so you are working in the back of it.  

Bend the fillers towards the other knots.  Apply glue on the back of the knots that lie close to the button.

Step 9, continued:  Tie a Square Knot, so it rests on the glue.  Hold it in place with a clip until the glue dries. 

Cut off the excess material or weave the ends through the SK.  


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