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Barnacle Knot

 Barnacle Knot


Description: The Barnacle Knot is a great way to make ring-shaped designs for Macrame projects.

This circular knot can be used for jewelry designs, especially pendants and earrings. You can also use it to replace metal rings at the top of plant hangers.  To use it as a holiday ornament, make it large and suspend bells or other decorations inside the loop.

This decorative knot features a series of Larks Head knots, tied onto a Slipknot

A similar knot design you should view is the Ashoka Chakra.


A video tutorial of this beautiful decorative knot can be found on the Fusion Knots website.

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the image or link to visit his website, and to view the video gallery.

  Fusion Knots

Step 1: To make this knot earring size (1-inch), cut one cord, at least 36 inches long (2mm material is best).

To make a pendant (2 inches), cut one 72-inch cord (2mm to 4mm material) 

For other sizes, you need at least 30 inches of material for every inch in size.

Counter-Clockwise Loop  

Secure one end to your board (tail).

Move down at least 3 inches, and make a counter-clockwise loop. The working cord should pass over the secured end to make the crossing point.


Step 2: Make a bight with the working end and push it through the first loop from below.

This creates a Slipknot. Pull on the bight to tighten the knot.


Long Loop  

This bight is now referred to as a loop.

The size of the loop determines the finished size of the Barnacle knot, so it needs to be adjusted:


Here's how to determine the length of the first loop:

Multiply the finished size you need by 2.

  • 2-inch Loop = 1-inch Earring Size design
  • 4-inch Loop = 2-inch Pendant Size design

Add at least 1/2-inch for the loop at the top.

Step 3: Adjust the size of the loop by pulling on the working end.


First Half of Larks Head   Step 4: Bring the working cord over the loop, and then under it.  As you pull it down, pass over the portion of the working end directly below.

This creates the first half of the Larks Head knot.

Second Half of Larks Head  

Step 5: To make the second half, pass the working cord under the loop first, and then over the front of it. As you pull it down, pass under the working end.

Both steps equal one Larks Head Knot.


Half Hitches   Design Tip: You can make Half Hitches instead of Larks Head knots, if you wish to change the design.

Just repeat step 4 over and over.

Tie Additonal Knots  

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 several times, until the last knot is 1-inch from the end of the loop.


Pass Short End Through Loop  

Step 7: Pass the 3-inch secured end through the remaining portion of the loop.

Turn the Barnacle knot so the loop and ends are at the bottom, like the image below.


Tie Next Larks Head  

Step 8: Use the working end to tie the first half of the Larks head around the loop as well as the short end.  (see step 4)

Make sure you pull this knot as tight as you can.


Completed Larks Head  

Step 9: Tie the second half of the Larks Head knot, as in step 5.  Make sure the knot goes around the loop as well as the short end.

Pull on the short end to close the circle, and then tighten the Larks Head knot as much as possible.


Barnacle Knot Completed.  

Step 10: Straighten the loop at the top of the Barnacle knot.

Finish off the ends by directing them through spaces in the back of the knot. Apply glue to hold them in place.


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