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ZigZag Pendant

ZigZag Pendant

Description: This ZigZag Pendant forms a great focal point for a Micro-Macrame necklace. You can also use this design to make a pair of casual earrings.

The decorative knot used is called the Zipper Sennit.

It is a variation of the Chain Sennit, which you can also use to make a pendant.  



Supplies Needed:

  • 2mm to 3mm Paracord or other material (3 yards)
  • Project Board and Pins


Step 1: Cut one cord, 2 yards long (for just the pendant).

To make a necklace with the same cord, you will need to ADD the appropriate amount of material for what you are making. Usually that's around 2 yards.

Fuse the ends with heat if using Paracord, or prepare the ends with glue if using another material.


Make a Loop  

Step 1: Make a loop at the center of the cord, crossing left over right.


Pass Bight Into Loop  

Step 2: Make a bight (fold) with the portion that's now on your right.

Pass it into the loop from below.


Leave a Small Loop  

Step 3: Pull on the other end (on the left) to tighten the loop around bight 1.

Leave a small loop at the bottom, and secure it to your board.


Bight With Left End  

Step 4: Use the left half to make bight 2. Pass it through bight 1, making sure it goes in from the top.

Pull on the right half to tighten bight 1.


Important:  The key to tightening the ZigZag Pendant is to pull on the end that leads to the bight made in the previous step.  

To reduce the size of the newest bight, pull on the end you made it with, AFTER the previous bight is tightened.

Next Bight  

Step 5: Bight 3 is made with the right half  of the cord.

Pass it through bight 2, from the top.

Pull the left half to tighten.



Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 several times, until the ZigZag Pendant measures 4 - 6 inches.

It will be folded in half, so the finished size will be 2 - 3 inches.

Important: Make sure the last bight made is with the right half of the cord.


Pass End Through Small Loop  

Pass the END of the cord on the left through the small loop at the top of the sennit (from step 3).

Then use it to make the next bight, passing it through the last one on the right.  Pull on the right end to tighten.


Right End Through Bight  

Step 7: Locate the END of the cord on the right, and pass it through the bight you just made.

Pull on the left end to tighten the bight.

Pull the right end most of the way through, but leave a loop for the next step.


Pass End Through Loop  

Step 8: Pass the other END (left) through the loop and pull firmly on the right end.

Pull out all the slack as you tighten.


Completed Pendant   The ZigZag Pendant is finished, and you would now use the two ends at the top to make the necklace.

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