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Winter Wreath

Winter Wreath

Description:  The Winter Wreath features Square Knot Picots attached to a wreath frame.  

To make a wreath with rings instead of a frame, see the Triple Ring Wreath.

The most challenging part to this Macrame pattern is fitting your hands and fingers between the sections of the frame as you tie the knots.  When you purchase the frame, make sure it's at least 12 inches in diameter, or the spaces may be too small.

Since you will be manipulating the cords more than usual, be sure to use braided cord material. Twisted style material was used in the example, which was difficult to work with, since the fibers separated too easily.

This holiday decoration is written to be made with either one color, or with a combination of two colors mixed together.  

Make sure you know how to tie Square Knots, and can do so without using pins, since this design is easier to make with the frame sitting on your lap.

In the example shown, cord 1 is white, and cord 2 is ivory with gold threads.


Supplies Needed:
  • 6mm Cord Material (see preparation for amounts)
  • Wreath frame
  • Fabric Glue
  • Flexible Tape Measure
  • Project Board and pins (optional)

Knots Used:  Square Knot and the Barrel Knot


To calculate the amount of material you need to purchase, do the following:

  • On one ring, measure the area between two cross bars (see image below), and multiply that by 12. 
  • Multiply that by 2, since there are two cords per section.
  • Multiply the result by the number of sections on the ring you measured.
  • Divide by 36 to get the total yards (or meters) you need for the one ring.
  • Repeat for each ring. 
  • Add the total yards for all the rings combined, and that will be the amount you need to purchase.    When using two colors, divide the total yards in half and that will be the amount to purchase for each color.



Wreath frames usually have 3 - 4 rings separated into five or more sections by vertical cross bars

Mentally label the four rings A - D, starting on the outside

Step 1:  Begin with the outer ring, labeled A.  Measure between two cross bars and multiply that size by 12.  

You need two cords per section, cut to the length you came up with.  So if your wreath frame has 5 sections, you need 10 cords.

To make a Winter Wreath with two colors, cut 1 cord per section, with each color.  So for a 5-section frame, cut 5 cords of each color.

Fold Cord

Step 2: Place the frame on your work surface upside down, so you are working in the back.

Fold cord 1 in half and position it around one of the cross bars on the outer ring (A).

The right half of the cord should rest over the cross bar, and the left half under it. 

Left Cord

Step 3:  Secure the center of the cord to the frame with tape.  Tie the first Square Knot as follows:

Move the left half of the cord over the outer ring (A), which acts as the filler for the SK.

Place it under the right half of the cord.

Right Cord

Step 4:  Move the right half of the cord under the outer ring, and over the left half, as you pull it left.

This completes the first half of the Square knot.  Tighten the knot firmly.

Right Cord

Step 5:  The ends have now switched places.

Move the left half, which is now on the right, to the left.

Pass it over the ring and under the other half of the cord.

Left Cord

Step 6:  Move the right half, now on the left, to the right. 

Pass it under the ring and over the left half of the cord.

Cord 2

Step 7:  Fold cord 2 in half and place it under the ring next to the first knot. 

Repeat steps 3 - 6, tying a SK with the second cord. 

Step 8:  Move the ends of cord 2 to the sides horizontally, as shown in the image below.

Bring the ends of cord 1 under the ends of cord 2.  

Use cord 1 to tie the next Square Knot, but do not tighten it.   (It needs to be loose so you can form the picots). 

Move the knot next to the one made by cord 2.

Loose knot

Pull sideways on the two segments of cord 1 that rest between the knots (arrows).

This forms the picots for the Winter Wreath, which should be at least 1-inch in size.

Tighten the loose knot gradually, being careful not to remove the picots.


Step 9:  Move the ends of cord 1 to the sides, placing the ends of cord 2 under them.

Use cord 2 to tie a loose SK, as you did in step 8.  Move it into position next to the previous knot.

Cord 2

Pull on the segments between the knots to form the picots.  Tighten the loose knot gradually. 

It's important to keep the picots close to the same size, so the Winter Wreath looks neat.

Step 10:  Repeat steps 8 and 9 several times, until you reach the next cross bar.  Alternate between the two cords.

Push the knots close together as you progress, so you can fit in as many knots as possible.

Two New Cords

Fold two new cords in half and place them around the outer ring, next to the last knot tied.  You can wrap them around the cross bar if you wish.

Push the knots in section 1 back slightly, to give you room for the new cords.

Section 2

Step 11:  Use one of the cords from section 1 to tie the first knot in section 2 (not the new cords).

The best cord to use is the one that would ordinarily be next if you had continued in section 1.

See important information below:

Important:  Make sure you bring the ends under the new cords before tying the knot loosely.  Form the picots, and then tighten.

This step is very important because the picot will disguise the cross bar, since it passes over it. 

Don't be tempted to skip past this step, or the Winter Wreath design will have obvious gaps in the knot arrangement.

Step 12:  Repeat steps 8 - 9 using the two new cords to cover section 2.

When you reach the next cross bar, repeat steps 10 - 11 to add new cords for section 3. Then cover that section, as in steps 8 and 9. 

Continue repeating steps 8 - 12 until the entire outer ring for the Winter Wreath is covered.

Step 13:  Go to one section and locate the ends of one cord.  Tie them together with Barrel Knots, making sure the knots are in the back of the Winter Wreath frame.  Do the same with the second cord. 

You can add glue if you wish.  Cut the ends off close to the knots.

Repeat this process in each section.

Step 14:  Repeat steps 1 - 13, covering ring 4 (smallest size).

Repeat steps 1 - 13 covering rings 2 and 3. 

You may find it easier to work in the front of the frame, since these two rings are usually resting at a different level than rings 1 and 4.   

When working in the front, you should make one important change:

You need to bring the ends of the cord you will be using OVER those of the other cord, rather than under.

Also, when you finish off the ends in step 13, make sure the knots are in the back of the frame (turn it over).

Step 15:  Apply a small piece of wire to the outer ring at the top, for hanging the Winter Wreath on a wall.  Decorations can also be added anywhere on the wreath.

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