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Sun Bracelet

Sun Bracelet

Description:  The Sun Bracelet features a unique combination knot called the Aztec Sun Bar

Part of the design is made with the Vertical Larks Head knot, which gives each tiny "sun" its round shape.  To truly make this bracelet sunny and bright, use either orange, red or yellow as the primary color.

In the example shown, orange Satin cord material was used as the working cord.  The holding cord was yellow Satin, which gave this Micro-Macrame bracelet some lighter areas. 

The clasp was a simple hook and loop, but this Macrame pattern can be adjusted so you can use other types of clasps.

When using Satin, do not push pins through the material.  Instead, lean the pins over the cords, or use the Cross Pin technique.
Supplies Needed:
  • 2mm cord material (one or two colors)
  • Jewelry clasp
  • Project board, pins
  • Glue that dries clear (and does not darken the fabric)
Knots Used:

Finished Size

Working cord

Holding Cord

7 inches or less
2 yards
1 yard
7.5 inches
2.5 yards
1 yard
8 inches or more
3 yards
1 yard

Attach Clasp

Step 1:  Cut the 2 cords using the chart above.  The working cord should be the primary color you want for the Sun Bracelet. 

Slide the working cord through the loop in one part of the clasp and center it by matching the ends.  Secure it to your board.

Holding Cord

Step 2:  Place the holding cord under the working cord, and center it by matching the ends.  You can secure it if you wish.

Cross the ends of the holding cord right over left, in front.

Take note of the two spaces beside the two halves of the working cord (X).

Wrap Ends

Step 3:  Wrap the ends of the working cord over the bottom of the loop near the crossing point (upward).
Bring them through the spaces indicated, one on the right and the other left. 

To tighten, pull the ends of the working cord straight down.   Pull on the ends of the holding cord sideways.

Here's a closer view of how each wrapped portion of the Sun Bracelet will look when it's tightened.
 (steps 2 - 3)

The ends of the working cord will be on the outside, like the yellow cord in this image.


First Half

Step 4:  Use the right portion of the working cord to make a vertical Larks Head knot:

For the first half, pass the working cord over - under the holding cord, rotating clockwise.

As you bring it right, pass over the working cord.

Second Half

For the second half of the knot, pass the working cord over - under the holding cord

As you bring it right, pass under the working cord.

Tighten both halves firmly, positioning the knot close to the wrapped portion.

Step 1
Step 5:  Repeat step 4, tying one vertical Larks Head knot on the left.

The loops should be made counter-clockwise.

Step 2

Repeat step 2

Step 6:  Bring the working cords down, so they are as straight as possible.

Repeat step 2, crossing the ends of the holding cord right over left, resting on top of the working cords.

Wrap Ends

Step 7:  Repeat step 3, moving the ends of the working cord over the bottom of the loop.

Pass them through the spaces to the right and left, as indicated by the X in the previous image.

Completed Sun

Pull the ends to tighten the wrapped portion, but make sure the "sun" remains as round as possible. 

This is the most challenging part of the Sun Bracelet, since you will have a tendency to tighten the wrapped areas too much.   Placing a pin in that area and leaning it backwards can help.

Step 8:  Repeat steps 4 - 7 several times, until the Sun Bracelet is the size you need. 

When you make the last design, stop at step 5 (left Larks Head knot).

Add the Clasp

Step 9:  Pass the ends of the holding cords through the other part of the clasp, in opposite directions (if possible).

Repeat step 6 and 7

Apply glue so the cords come in contact with it when you tighten the wrapped portion

Tighten as much as possible and use a clip to hold the cords steady while the glue dries.

Finishing Technique

Step 10:  The best finishing technique for the Sun Bracelet is to turn over the bracelet and pass the ends under one or more loops in the back.

You can apply glue under the loops and wherever else you feel it's needed.  When the glue is dry, cut off the extra material.

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