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Aztec Sun Bar

Aztec Sun Bar

Description: The Aztec Sun Bar is a combination of the Vertical Larks Head with a slightly altered version of Endless Falls.

It's an excellent design for Macrame bracelets, key rings, and slender belts. You could also use it as part of a plant hanger design.

In the example shown, I used yellow and red Paracord. To make it more slender, try Satin cord, or Cotton. If you can, try to use yellow for the working cord, so the design resembles the sun. 

To see a Micro-Macrame bracelet featuring this knot, see the Sun Bracelet.


I found this design on the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the link or image to visit the site.

In the video gallery are tutorials for this design, as well as other interesting knotting techniques.

  Fusion Knots


Loop Clasp

Step 1: Cut two cords, so that the working cord is twice the length of the other.

In the images, the longer working cord is yellow. The holding cord is the red one, and is shorter.

When using Paracord, you need to melt the tips with a flame to prevent the inner core from sliding out.
Fold and Secure Cords  

Fold the working cord in half and secure it at the center. Place the other cord under it and secure it as well. 


Cross Ends of Holding Cord  

Cross the ends of the holding cord, leaving the loop large enough to see the spaces beside the two halves of the working cord.


Right End Thru Space  

Move the right end of the working cord through the space on the right.

It should pass over the crossed area of the holding cord.

Left End Thru Space  

Move the left end of the working cord through the space on the left.


Loop and First Part of Sun   Pull all four ends so the loops are firmly tightened.

Leave a small loop if you are making a bracelet, for the clasp. Make the loop larger for a key ring or belt.


Macrame Cord Divider


Aztec Sun Bar Design

First Half  

Step 2: Make first half of a vertical Larks Head with the working cord on the right.

You do this by making a loop with the working cord (clockwise), over - under - over as shown. Pull firmly to tighten.

Second Half   Make the second half by passing the working cord under - over - under as shown.

First Half   Step 3: On the left, repeat the process and tie the first half of the Larks Head, over - under - over (counter-clockwise).

Second Half  

Tie the 2nd half of the knot, under - over - under.


Bring Ends to Center  

Step 4: Make sure both Larks Heads are firmly tightened, and neat.

Bring the ends of the working cord to the center, so they are ready for the final steps. 


Cross Ends of Holding Cord  
Keep the Larks Head knots as flat as possible.

Step 5:
Cross the ends of the holding cord left over right.

Right End Thru Space  

Step 6: Now you will repeat step 1:

Move the right end of the working cord through the space on the right.


Left End Thru Space   Move the left end of the working cord through the space on the left.

First Sun
  Pull the ends firmly to tighten.

The first knot in the Aztec Sun Bar is now complete.

Next Sun
  Step 7:  Repeat the same process several times, beginning with step 2 (Larks Head knots).

Macrame Cord Divider

Finishing Options

Ends of Holding Cord to Back  

Step 8: After you have made enough "suns" for your project, move the ends of the holding cord to the back. Pass them through at least two of the loops to hold them, and apply glue.

When using Paracord, heat the ends to melt the fibers, to prevent the inner core from sliding out.


  Knots for Clasp  


When making a bracelet with the Aztec Sun Bar, you need a knot at the end for the clasp. It needs to be tied with the two ends of the working cord.

The Knife Knot is a good choice. It won't have a loop at the top, since you are using two cords.

The Oysterman knot is easier to make, and is also a good choice. You tie the knot with one end around the other, rather than folding the cord in half.

When using material other than Paracord, a shank-style button makes a good clasp. Just pass both ends through it from opposite directions, and pull the ends to slide it next to the last knot.

Tie the ends together with an Overhand knot and apply glue as you tighten it.


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