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 Stitched Monkey Bar

Stitched Monkey Bar

Description:  The Stitched Monkey Bar is a unique variation of the Macrame knot called Endless Falls

This decorative knot pattern is formed by alternating from front to back each time you tie a new knot.  

Pay close attention to the position of the ends when you are making the loops.

The loop at the top is optional, but is the best way to start the bar if you need a clasp for a bracelet or belt.

This design was found on the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the image or link to visit the site.

The video gallery contains tutorials for many interesting combination knots.

Fusion Knots

To practice the Stitched Monkey Bar, you need two cords of different colors, each at least 40 inches long.

To make a Macrame project with this knot, multiply the finished length by 12

Add extra material if you plan to tie a button knot for a clasp.


Step 1:  Fold the working cord in half and secure it to your board in the center.

Place the holding cord under it and secure it in the center, too.

Bring the ends of the holding cord in front of the working cord, and cross the ends right over left.


Step 2:  Hold both ends of the working cord, and rotate them up and over the crossed area of the holding cord.

Pass them through the space between the right and left halves of the working cord.

As you pull them down, make sure they pass between the two loops you just made.


Step 3:  Pull all 4 ends to tighten the first knot firmly, after adjusting the size of the loop at the top.

Move the holding cord in front of the working cord and cross the ends right over left.

This image shows the spaces where the ends of the working cord will go in the next step.


Step 4:  Here's where the Stitched Monkey Bar differs from Endless Falls:

Pass the ends through the spaces to each side of the working cord, NOT between them

Pull them to the right and left horizontally, so they rest above the ends of the holding cord.

Turn Over

Step 5:  Turn the knot over. 

Pass the end of the working cords under the holding cords (each side).

Repeat steps 3 - 4

Step 6:  Repeat steps 3 and 4. 

This image shows the spaces beside the two halves of the working cord, where you pass the ends through.

Remember to pull the ends of the working cord to the sides, so they rest above the ends of the holding cord.

Turn and Repeat

Step 7:  Repeat steps 5 and 6 several more times, until the Stitched Monkey Bar is the size you want.

Square Knot

Step 8:  To finish, tie a tight Square Knot using the holding cord

The ends of the working cord are the fillers. 

To make a button knot, use the working cord, and finish off the ends of the holding cord.

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