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Square Knot Weave

Square Knot Weave

Description:  The Square Knot Weave is a decorative knot seldom used.  It was found in a Macrame book written in 1903, so it's a vintage technique.  

It's a variation of the Fish Bone Designs, but the working cords weave through one another, which is why it's unique.

This knotting technique was used in the past when Sailors were making Macrame Hammocks on their long voyages.  

It can be used the same way as a Clew Knot, positioned between the ring and the dowel.

Important:  Make sure you know how to tie a Square Knot before you get started.

7 Folded Cords

Step 1:  You need 7 cords folded in half to practice the Square Knot Weave.  The cord in the center of your board will be the fillers for the knots. Place 3 working cords on either side of the fillers. 

Mentally number the cords on the right 1 - 6.   Number the cords on the left 6 - 1.

Design Tip:  When using this knotting technique in a Macrame project, make sure you always have the same number of cords on each side of the fillers. 

Cord 1 Each Side

Step 2:  Use working cord 1 on both sides, which are closest to the fillers (two cords).

Tie one Square Knot with the working cords onto the fillers.

Secure the fillers at the bottom to make it easier to tie this design (with tension).

Cord 2

Step 3:  Locate working cord 2 on both sides of the fillers. 

Pass each one under cord 1.

Use them to tie the next Square Knot, tightening it so it rests just below the first (no space).

Cord 3

Step 4:   Weave cord 3  over cord 1 and under cord 2, on both sides.

Use cord 3 to tie the next SK onto the fillers, resting below the 2nd knot.

In each step for the Square knot Weave the pattern must be alternated.

Cord 4

Step 5:  On both sides, weave cord 4 under cord 1, and over cord 2.

Bring it under cord 3.

Use cord 4 to tie the next SK.

Cord 5

Step 6:   On both sides, weave cord 5 over cord 1, and under cord 2.

Bring it over cord 3, and under cord 4.

Tie the Square Knot.  

Cord 6

Step 7:   On both sides, weave cord 6 under cord 1, and over cord 2.

Move it under cord 3, over cord 4, and under cord 5.

Tie the SK with cord 6. 

You can stop here, or repeat the process again to make the Square Knot Weave longer.


Step 8:  To continue, start with cord 1 on both sides, and begin the weaving by passing under cord 2.  

Alternate over - under the remaining cords.

Design Tip:  Since you now use all the cords, each step ALWAYS begins by passing the cord you are using under the next one in line.  

When using this design as part of a Hammock, the ends would be pulled taut when the weaving is finished, and secured to the dowel.   

The fillers are attached in the center, with the working cords on either side.

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