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Square Knot Sennits

Alternating SK
  Zig Zag
  Star Pattern
Alternating Sennit   Zigzag Sennit   Star Pattern


Description:  Square Knot Sennits are chains of knots, tied one after the next. How you construct the sennits to form a Macrame design can vary in several ways.

You can form interesting designs for your Macrame projects by alternating colors, or by changing the direction of the knots.

You can also cross cords, or switch back and forth between groups of cords.

Three vintage designs are described on this page (shown above): 

  • The Alternating Sennit is made with two sets of working cords.
  • The Zigzag Sennit is made with shared cords.
  • The Star Pattern is a very common design with star-shaped openings between the Square knots.

You need to know the difference between fillers and working cords. See the Macrame Dictionary if these terms are not familiar to you.  

Also, make sure you know how to tie both right and left Square Knots.

I recommend you use a project board and pins while practicing these techniques.


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Alternating Sennit  

Alternating Sennit

Square Knot sennits used in the late 1800's were often quite unique. 

For this design, you switch back and forth between two sets of working cords.

This creates loops along the edges of the sennit.



Step 1: Secure 6 cords to your project board vertically. Mentally number the cords 1 - 6.

The fillers are cords 3 and 4 throughout the entire design.

The first set of working cords are 2 and 5. The second set are 1 and 6.


First SK

Step 2: Using working cords 2 and 5, tie a Square knot around both fillers.

Position the working cords horizontally, to the right and left, after you are through.

See next photo.


2nd SK

Step 3: Bring cords 1 and 6 under the previous set of working cords (2 and 5).

Then use them to tie the second Square knot. 

Move the ends horizontally to the left and right.


3rd SK

Step 4: Bring cords 2 and 5 under the previous set of working cords (1 and 6).

Use them to tie the third Square knot.


  Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 several more times, until the sennit is completed.

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Zigzag Pattern

Zigzag Pattern

Square Knot sennits like this one are fairly common. This vintage design was frequently used in Macrame projects from the 1960s - 1980's. 

Some of the cords are shared, so the knots are connected differently than in a regular sennit.

The Square knots face both directions, so make sure you have practiced both right and left SK.




Step 1: Fold 3 cords in half and secure them to your project board, or mount them to a holding cord with Larks Head knots.  (See tip below)

Mentally number the cords 1 - 6.


Important Tip:  When using Square Knot Sennits in a Macrame project, some cords may need to be cut longer than others. 

In this design, the cord in the center (green) will quickly become shorter than the others. 

So it should be DOUBLE the length of the other two cords.

Left SK

Step 2: Tie a left Square Knot with cords 1 and 4.

The fillers are cords 2 and 3.


Designer's Tip:  Remember that the head of the Square knot will face the direction of the cord moved in the first step.

See the Square Knot page for details. 

In the knot shown above, cord 1 was moved first.  In the knot below, cord 6 was moved first.

Right SK

Step 3:  Tie a right SK using cords 3 and 6.

The fillers are cords 4 and 5.


  Step 4: Repeat step 2, tying a left SK.

Use working cords 1 and 4, with 2 and 3 as the fillers.

  Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 several more times.

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Star Pattern

Star Pattern

The last of the Square Knot sennits on this page is a very popular pattern. It features knots that alternate position, as well as direction.  

The center of each 4-knot design has a diamond shape, which resembles a star.

Try to make the Leather Star Bracelet after you have practiced this design a few times.


First SK

Step 1: Secure 6 cords to your board vertically, and mentally number them.

Tie a left SK using cords 2 and 5.

The fillers are cords 3 and 4.


One Filler

Step 2: Tie the next left SK using cords 1 and 3.

There is only one filler (cord 2).

Tighten the knot so it rests 1/2-inch below the first SK.


Right SK

Step 3: Tie a right SK with cords 4 and 6.

This knot also has one filler (cord 5).

Tighten it so it rests directly across from the knot tied in step 2.


4th SK

Step 4: To finish the four knot group, tie a left SK with cords 2 and 5.

The fillers are cords 3 and 4 (same as step 1).



Step 5: Repeat steps 2 - 4 to continue, making at least one more 4-knot design. 


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