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Spiral Snowflake

Spiral Snowflake

Description:  The Spiral Snowflake is an easy Holiday decoration, suitable for beginners.  This Macrame pattern features the Half Hitch Spiral, and can be made any size.

The finished size using 1.5mm cord is 6 inches.  To make the Snowflake larger than 6 inches, use 2mm material and a 2-inch ring.  Cut the cords 45 inches long. Cut the cords slightly longer.

Supplies Needed:
  • 1.5mm Cotton or other flexible material (25 yards)
  • One 1.5-inch ring
  • Tape
  • Project board and pins
  • Flexible Measuring Tape

Knots Used:

Preparation and Mounting

Step 1:  Cut 20 cords, each 45 inches long.  Prepare the tips to prevent unraveling.

Fold Cord

Step 2:  Mount each cord to the ring with a REVERSE Larks Head knot, as follows:

Start by folding the cord in half and placing it on top of the ring as shown.

Reverse LH

Pass the ends under the ring and over the folded area of the cord.

Pull both ends to firmly tighten the knot.

Half Hitches

Move the left half over - under the ring and over the cord, in a clockwise direction.

For the right half, rotate counter-clockwise.

Mark the right half of the cord by putting a small piece of tape on the tip.

Step 3:  Repeat step 2 with all the remaining cords.

First Level Spiral Design

The Spiral Snowflake is made with the Half Hitch Spiral technique, which requires both halves of one cord. 

Hold the left half in one hand, or secure it with tension.  You use the right half (marked with tape) to tie the knots onto the left.

Half Hitch

Step 4:   Pass the right half over - under the left half, and over the right half as you pull it right (clockwise).
Tighten it firmly so it rests next to the ring.

Tie 4 more knots in the same manner (total of 5).

Five Knots

To make the Spiral Snowflake more uniform, it's important to twist the knots after you've tied five.

Hold the left holding cord steady while you move the right working cord to the left, then under the holding cord, pulling it back to the right. 


Twist the knots slightly to the left, then tie the next five knots.

Make sure you are still using the same working cord (right half).  It should always remain to the right of the holding cord while you are tying the Half Hitches.

Step 5:  Repeat step 4 several times, until the sennit is 1-inch long

Push the knots close together as you progress, and count the number of knots you are tying to get 1-inch.

Step 6:  Repeat steps 4 and 5 with all the remaining cords.  Be sure you are using both halves of the same cord for each spiral. 

Important:  Measure each Spiral to make sure each one is 1-inch long.


Step 7:  Organize the Spiral Snowflake so there are five groups containing four spirals.

Mentally number the four spirals in one group.

1 and 3

Step 8: Cross Spiral 3 over Spiral 2.

Combine the cords from Spirals 1 and 3.  Select the working cord from Spiral 3, which is marked with tape. 

Tie 2 Half Hitches with it, around the other three cords (Two from Spiral 1 and one from Spiral 3).

2 and 4

Step 9:  Combine the cords from Spirals 2 and 4.

Select the working cord from Spiral 4, which is marked with tape.

Tie the 2 Half Hitches around the other three cords.

Step 10:  Repeat steps 8 and 9 with the remaining four groups of Spirals.

Important:  Make sure you always cross Spiral 3 over 2, and use the marked working cords to connect Spiral 1 to 3 and Spiral 2 to 4. 

Second Level Spirals

Step 11:  Organize the Spiral Snowflake so you are working with the same five groups containing 4 Spirals. 

In one group, locate the 4 cords coming from two Spirals that are connected in a V-shape.  The previous working cords will now hold all the knots.  They are shorter than the other two, and are marked.

The previous holding cords will now be used to tie the Half Hitches, so you use the longest cords to make the second level of Spirals. 

Long Cord

Use two cords (one long, one short) to tie Half Hitches in a counter-clockwise direction.  The long cord is on the left, which is why you need to switch.

Tie the Spirals as you did in steps 4 and 5, but reverse the direction of the twisting (to the right).  The long cord should always be on the left while tying the Half Hitches.

Step 12:  For all the remaining cords, tie a 1-inch Spiral design using sets of two cords (one long, one short).  Make sure the long cord is to the left of the short one.

Important: Push the knots close together, and measure to verify they are all the same length.


Step 13: Mentally number the 20 new Spirals. Connect the spirals using the cord furthest to the right to tie the Half Hitches around the other three cords in each group.

Connect 2 + 3, 4 + 5  6 + 7, 8 + 9, 10 + 11, 12 + 13, 14 + 15, 16 + 17, 18 + 19, and 20 + 1.

Finishing Touches


Step 14:  Place sennits 2 and 3 in front of you. 

Using all 4 cords working together, make a loop in a counter-clockwise direction.

Overhand Knot

Complete the Overhand knot by passing the ends through the loop from below, which is under - over.

Pull Loop

Pull on the right side of the loop first, to remove the slack from the area closest to the spirals.

Then pull on the ends slowly to tighten the Overhand knot.

Make sure the Overhand knot is resting against the Half Hitches tied to connect the two Spirals.


Step 15:  Repeat step 14, all the way around the Spiral Snowflake.

Trim the ends of all the cords to 1/2-inch and unravel the tips.


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