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Half Hitch Spiral

Half Hitch Spiral

Description: The Half Hitch Spiral is used often in Macrame patterns, and is a popular decorative knot for Micro-Macrame jewelry.

This type of spiral design is a bit easier to make than other similar patterns.

Spirals of any type are used often in plant hangers, belts, wall decorations, and more.

Variations on this page: The Shell Spiral and the Spiral with picots. 

Both are vintage knots, popular in the late 1800's.


Step 1: You need two 20-inch cords to practice the first Half Hitch Spiral, shown above. Secure them to your working surface so they are vertical.

The blue cord on the right will hold the knots.  The other one will be the working cord (brown).

Design Tip: A Macrame pattern will usually tell you which is the working cord. It will usually be longer than the cord holding the knots.


Half Hitch  

Tie a Half Hitch in a clockwise direction, onto the holding cord.


A Half Hitch is tied by passing the working cord over - under the holding cord.

Make sure it passes over the working cord as you bring it to the right.

Next Half Hitch  

Step 2: Repeat this same process several more times.

Push up on the knots as you progress, so they are close together.


Half Hitch Spiral   The sennit will spiral on it's own, but you can help it along by giving the design a twist.

The working cord should end up on the same side it started.

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Spiral with Picots

Half Hitch Spiral + Picots

This interesting vintage technique adds a unique touch to the standard spiral design. You will need three 20-inch cords to practice this variation.
5 Half Hitches  

Step 1: Position one working cord on your board. The two holding cords should be placed to the left of it.

Use the working cord to tie five Half Hitches around the two holding cords.


Picot Loop   Step 2: When you tie the next Half Hitch, pull it to the side to make a picot loop.

Secure the loop. Tie four more Half Hitches.

Design Tip: Instead of a loop, try making an Overhand knot.

I've seen this done often in vintage designs, to give the Half Hitch Spiral some character.

Spiral with Picots   Step 3: Repeat step 2 several more times.

You will need to twist the sennit periodically in order for it to spiral neatly.

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Shell Spiral

Shell Spiral


This unusual Half Hitch Spiral technique was found in a book written in the late 1800's. I've never seen it in more modern books.

It forms a beautiful scalloped chain of knots that are suitable for purse handles, bracelets, and more.

The concept behind this design is that the spiral is interrupted due to the fact that you switch cords

It looks better if you use two colors.


Step 1: You'll need 3 cords, at least 36 inches long.

Mentally number the cords 1 - 3, moving left to right.  

The first working cord should be on the right (brown # 3).


Five Half Hitches   Step 1: Tie a total of five Half Hitches with working cord 3, onto the other two cords.

Twist the Sennit  

Step 2: Twist the sennit so the working cord (3) is on the left.


Next Five Half Hitches   Step 3: Use the cord that is now on the right (1), to tie five Half Hitches around cords 3 and 2.

Twist Again  

Step 4: Twist the sennit, so working cord (3) is once again on the right. Tie the next five Half Hitches with that cord.

The key to creating this variation of the Half Hitch Spiral is to always use the working cord on the right. That will be either cord 1 or 3.


Shell Spiral   Step 5: This is a closer view of the scallops, which resemble shells.

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