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 Secret River Bar

Secret River Bar

Description:  The Secret River Bar is a combination knot, featuring the Square Knot and a variation of Endless Falls

Make sure you know how to tie both of these decorative knots before you begin.

The instructions below include a loop, which can be used as part of a clasp for Macrame bracelets or belts.  You will need two cords folded in half for this option.

You could also use four cords and start the Square Knots at the center, without folding the cords.

Please note that as you construct the knots, the portion you are looking at is the back of the sennit.  When you flip it over, the design looks like the image above.

This knot design came from the Fusion Knots website

Designs by JD Lenzen.

(Click on the image or link to go to the site).

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of decorative knots and techniques.

Fusion Knots

Step 1:  Cut two cords, each at least 8 x the desired length you wish to make.
The best length for practicing is 60 inches. 

To start the Secret River Bar in the center (no loop), cut 4 cords, each at least 4 x the desired length.


Fold color A in half and secure it to your board.  This color will form the zigzag portions that run through the center of the sennit.

Fold color B and secure it under color A.  Bring the ends to the front and cross them right over left.

Color B

Move both halves of color A over the crossed area of color B.   Bring them through the space between the two halves of the same cord. 

Pull them forward (towards you) to tighten.  Pull on the two halves of color B as well.

Designer's Tip:  As you follow the remaining steps for the Secret River Bar, the four segments are now considered four separate cords.


Step 2:  Move the left color B cord to the right, passing it over color A.

Bring it under the right color B cord.


Move the right color B cord under the fillers, heading left. 

Pull it out, moving it over the left color B cord.  

This completes the first half of a Square Knot, also called a Half Knot.  Do not tighten this knot.

Left Cord Only

Step 3:  Move only the left color A cord over the  crossed area (front) of the Half Knot.

Bring it through the space between the color A cords.

Make sure it passes under the color B cord (the back) as you pull it forward.

Important:  Tightening the knots is an important part of the Secret River Bar design.

Pull the color B cords first, to tighten the Half Knot. Then pull firmly on BOTH color A cords.

Color B

Step 4:  Start the second half of the Square Knot by moving the color B cord currently on the right over the color A cords, heading left.  

Move it under the color B cord on the left.

Color B

Step 5:  Move the color B cord on the left under both
color A cords.

Pull it out on the right, over the right color B cord.

Do not tighten the knot.

Color A Right

Step 6:  Move only the right color A cord over the  Half knot and through the space between the two color A cords.

Pull it forward, making sure it passes under color B

Tighten color B first and then color A.

Designer's Tip:  The first half of each SK in the Secret River Bar begins by moving the LEFT color B cord. 

The color A cord used to make the loop will also be on the LEFT.

For the second half, you start with the RIGHT color B cord, so you use the RIGHT half of the color A cord to make the loop.


Step 7:  Repeat steps 2 - 6.

Turn over the Secret River Bar to be certain that the color A cords are of equal size. 

Tighten the color A cords more if necessary.  The cord most likely to be too loose is the one not used in steps 3 and 6.

Step 8:  Repeat step 7 several more times, until the bar is the size you need. 

First Half

Repeat step 2 using color B, to make the first half of a SK.

2nd Half

Repeat steps 4 - 5 to make the second half of the SK.

The Secret River Bar is finished, so now you need to do something with the ends.

Three options are described below:


Option 1:  When using nylon Parachute cord, you can cut the ends, then heat the tips to melt the material flush with the knot.

Option 2: The color A cords can be used to tie a button knot, or to attach a bead or a button to form a clasp. 

The best Button Knot to use is the Knife Knot, also called the Diamond Knot.

Option 3:  
Slide the ends under the knots in the BACK of the bar to hold them in place.  You may need to apply glue.

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Have any comments about the Secret River Bar? Contact Me.

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