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Peekaboo Bracelet

Peekaboo Bracelet
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Peekaboo Bracelet

Description:   The Peekaboo Bracelet is named for the fact that one color peeks out now and then to form a Snake knot design.  The material for those areas is 2mm thick (pink in image above).

Larks Head knot sennits are made with 1mm size cord, in the areas between the Snake knots.

Any type of small beads can be added to the cords surrounding the Snake Knots. 
You can use long skinny beads, as in the Micro-Macrame bracelet shown above (left). 

Another option is to use tiny round beads to form a circular flower shape (right). 

This Macrame pattern is rated Moderate due to the thin size of the cords.  But it's an easy design to master. 

Special Thanks goes to Gwen Peace for inspiring me to create this bracelet.

Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm Cord Material (Color A)
  • 2mm Cord Material (Color B - for Snake Knots)
  • Beads with holes suitable for 1mm material
  • Project Board, Pins, and Tape
  • Fabric glue that dries clear

Knots Used:
  • Modified Snake Knot described below

Preparation:  Cut two cords of Color B (2mm), each at least 36 inches long.

Cut two cords of Color A (1mm), each at least 65 inches long.

For a Peekaboo Bracelet more than 7.5 inches in size, increase the length of all four cords.

Prepare the ends with glue and allow it to dry completely.  Twisting the tips slightly to make them more narrow will help with beading.

In the example Color A is Turquoise, and Color B is pink.

Step 1:  Find the center of the 4 cords. Secure them on your board at the center, so that the 2mm Color B cords are between the other two.  Mentally number the four cords.

For a sliding clasp, you MUST start the design in the center and work towards the ends.  Use masking tape to mark the center.

Use cord 4 to tie six (6) Vertical Larks Head knots onto cord 3.  The steps are below.

First Half
<< Cord 4 goes over - under
cord 3, rotating clockwise.  Bring the end over cord 4 on the right.

Cord 4 passes under - over cord 3 and under cord 4, to make the second half of the knot. >>
Second Half

Cord 1

Step 2:  Use cord 1 to tie six (6) vertical Larks Head knots onto cord 2.   The knots are tied rotating counter-clockwise.

Push the knots upward to eliminate spaces between them (both sennits).

Step 3:  Secure both sennits at the center, against the edge of the tape.

You will be using cords 2 and 3 (Color B) to make the next section, so push cords 1 and 4 off to the sides for now.

The next three images show you how to make the modified Snake knot for the contrast area of the Peekaboo Bracelet.

Clockwise Loop

Make a clockwise loop with cord 3, so that the end passes under the upper portion to make the crossing point.

You can secure the crossed area if you wish.

Cord 2

Step 4: Move cord 2 through the loop made in the previous step, over the top and under the bottom.

Move it to the right, beginning a counter-clockwise loop.  Pass it under the free end of cord 3.

Pass Under Crook

Step 5:  Complete the second loop by passing the end under the crook of the first loop, which is the curved portion furthest to the left. 

Pass over all the other segments.

To tighten the first Snake knot, pull outward on both loops, which causes the two cords to cross.  The loops should move all the way up against the Larks Head knots. 

Once you've removed all the slack, pull on the ends to tighten the loops.  Try to tighten them both at the same time.   You may need to adjust the knots slightly so that they look like the next image.

Detail of Snake Knots

Step 6: Tie at least 2 more Snake knots in the same manner, tightening them so they rest close together. 

This is the most challenging part of the Peekaboo Bracelet, so take your time and tighten carefully.

3 to 5 Knots

The number of Snake knots you tie should be the same length as the beads you plan to use, especially if they are long.

For designs where you want the beads to form a circle, tie only three (3) knots in this area.

(Read the information below)

Circular Shape

For a circular design, the beads should extend beyond the Snake Knots.

When you attach cords 4 and 1 in the next step, the beads should bow outward as shown in this image.

Add more beads if this doesn't happen.

Add Beads

Step 7:  Add beads to cords 1 and 4, then start the next area of Vertical Larks Head knots.

Repeat steps 1 and 2, tying 6 Larks Head knots on each side.

Step 7 continued:  Repeat steps 3 - 6, making another set of Snake Knots.

Repeat step 7 for the next set of Larks Head knots. 

Keep alternating between the steps until the Peekaboo Bracelet is slightly less than HALF the size you need

You will be tying a few more small knots, so keep that in mind when measuring. 

Stop after you've tied the Larks Head knots

Square Knot

Step 8:  Tie one final Snake knot with cords 2 - 3.  Apply glue as you tighten it.

Tie a Square Knot just below, with cords 1 and 4. Apply glue here as well.

Place the bracelet on your wrist to make sure it fits. 

You can tie additional Square knots to bring the first half of the Peekaboo bracelet to the size you need.

After the Square Knots are tied, bring cords 1 and 4 to the back of the bracelet. 

Tie the two ends together with a tight Barrel Knot.  Tighten it firmly so it lies flat against the back of the Square Knots.  Add glue while tightening.

When the glue is completely dry, cut off the excess material (1mm cords only). 

Turn Around

Step 9: Turn the first half of the bracelet around and go back to the center

Push the Larks Head knots close together, since they may have moved.

Repeat steps 3 - 8.  You start with the Snake knots.

Sliding Clasp

New Cord

Step 10:  Turn the Peekaboo Bracelet as shown, with the ends on the left.

Arrange the ends so they lie next to each other and are not twisted.  You can cross them if you wish.

Cut an 18-inch cord and place it under the ends horizontally.  It will be used to make the clasp.

Square Knot

Step 11:  Match the ends so the new cord is balanced. Tie a Square Knot around the cords from the bracelet. 

Make sure it's tightened completely, but will still allow the cords from the bracelet to move.

Additional Knots

Step 12:  Tie 5 - 10 Square Knots below the first one, creating a short sennit, which is the clasp for the Peekaboo Bracelet.

Make sure the knots are tight, but are loose enough so the ends of the cords coming from the bracelet can still move back and forth through the sennit. 

Step 12, continued:  To finish off the new cord, bring the two ends to the back of the sennit and tie them together with a tight Barrel knot. 

Apply glue while tightening, and press the Barrel knot against the back of the sennit, so it's as flat as possible.

Step 13:  Adjust the Peekaboo Bracelet so it's open wide enough to fit your hand through, and suitable for your wrist size.  

Adjust Size

To finish off the ends coming from the bracelet, add at least 1-inch of space, and then tie an Overhand knot with both cords combined. 

Apply glue while tightening.

Repeat with the other two ends. 


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