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Mystical Chain

Mystic Chain

Description:    The Mystical Chain is a unique decorative knot based on the Endless Falls design.

It's easy to tie, and kids will enjoy using it to make fun Macrame projects such as key chains and bracelets.

Creating it with at least two colors is important, or you won't see the chain link design as clearly. 

Use a light color for the primary working cord, as in the images shown (yellow).  The other two cords should be darker, to provide the most contrast.

Make sure you know how to tie Endless Falls as well as a Square Knot.


This knot is on the Fusion Knots website, under the name

 Mystical Chained Endless Falls

Click on the image or link to visit the site. 

The video gallery contains a wide variety of combination knots and techniques.

Fusion Knots


To practice the Mystical Chain, cut one cord of three different colors, each at least 2 yards long.

To use this decorative knot in a Macrame project, first determine the length of the item you wish to make (finished length).  Cut the cords as follows:
  • Color A (primary working cord) -- Finished length of item x 11
  • Colors B and C -- Finished length x 2, and add 8 inches

Important:  Add more length to the working cord (Color A) if you plan to make a button knot for a clasp.

Prepare the ends with tape or glue to prevent unraveling. 

You need to melt the cut ends with a flame to seal the inner fibers, if using Parachute cord (Paracord), as in the example.

In the images shown, Color A is yellow, and is the working cord. It forms the chain link design down the center.

Color B is blue, and Color C is red, which are along the edges of the sennit.

The first four steps are preparation for the primary design, called the base: 

Colors A and B

Step A: Fold color A in half and secure it to your board. 

Place color B under it, so the centers line up.

Cross the two ends of color B (left over right)in front of color A.

Note the space indicated above the crossing point, between the two halves of color A

That's where the ends go through in the next step.

Endless Falls

Step B:  To complete the Endless Falls design, bring the two ends of color A up and over the crossed area, and down through the space.

Pull the ends straight down to tighten color A slightly.

Leave color B loose, since you need to add another cord.

Color C

Step C:  Flip over the design, so you are working in the back. 

Fold the 3rd cord in half (color C) and slide it under the horizontal segment of color B


Step D:  Pass the loop made by the color A cord through the one from color C.

Turn over the knot to the front again, and pull on the ends to firmly tighten all three cords.

Macrame Cord Divider


Mystical Chain Design

Color C

Step 1:  Pass the ends of color C over color B.

Bring them in front of color A, and cross the ends left over right.

Move the two ends of color A together, so there is space on either side of them. 


Step 2:  Move the ends of color A up and over the crossed area of color C

One should go in each space, on either side of the color A cord in the center.

Pull all 4 ends to tighten the knot firmly.

Color B

Step 3:  Move the ends of color B over color C.

Cross them in front of color A, left over right.

This time, the ends will pass through the space between the two halves of color A, just like a regular Endless Falls pattern. 


Step 4:  Move the ends of color A over the crossed area of color B, and through the space.

Pull all 4 ends to tighten the knot firmly.

Step 5:   Repeat steps 1 - 4 as many times as you wish, or until the Mystical Chain is the size you need.   

You still have one knot to tie, so make sure you have at least 6 inches left.

Here are some tips to remember:

Make sure you move the color B (or color C) cords into position after passing over the other color.

Cross left over right each time, so the pattern is consistent.

Color C
<< On a step where you cross color C, the ends of color A go through the spaces on either side of the portion in the center.

When color B is crossed, the ends go through the space between the two halves of color A.  >>
Color B

Square Knot

To finish the Mystical Chain, use the color that was next to be crossed (B or C), to tie a tight Square Knot.

Apply glue while tightening each half, so it's on the inside of the knot.

When the glue is dry, you can finish off the ends of color B and C in any manner you wish.  

To make a clasp, tie a button knot or add a regular button or bead to the ends of the color A cord. 

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