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Jump Rope

Jump Rope

This Jump Rope features the Spiral Stitch, which is one of the easiest basic knots used in Macrame. 

I recommend you make the rope with 550 size Parachute cord, which is what is shown in the example.  It's stronger than other materials, and the added weight really helps, too.

This is a suitable project for children ages 6 or older, but some kids may need help from an adult. 

This project is time consuming, since you need to make the rope at least 7 feet long.  That's the standard size for children under 5 feet tall (60 inches).  

Since you will need to search online for the handles, be sure to get the type that are hollow or used for beaded ropes. 

Supplies Needed:
  • 4 mm cord material (size 550 Parachute cord works the best)
  • Two hollow handles (5 inches or longer)
  • Project Board and Pins
  • BBQ Lighter (for Parachute cord or Nylon only)
  • Masking Tape

Knot Used:  Spiral Stitch


Use the chart below to determine the finished length most appropriate for your height.  Then cut 2 working cords and one filler cord to the lengths shown.

Finished Length

Working Cords
x 2

Filler Cord
x 1

Under 60 inches
7 feet
15 yards
3.5 yards
60 to 65 inches
8 feet
17.5 yards
3.75 yards
66 to 72 inches
9 feet
19.5 yards
4 yards

When using Parachute cord to make the Jump Rope, an ADULT should prepare the tips as follows:

Pull the CORE threads at least 1-inch past the edge of the outer sleeve. Cut them as far back as possible.  Then slide the outer sleeve past the core and use a BBQ lighter to melt it closed. 

See Cord Preparation for more details.


Step 1:  Pass one end of all three cords through the handle from bottom to top. 

Make sure there is 18 inches of material sticking out beyond the handle. Secure that portion to the handle with masking tape. 

Step 1, continued:  Bundle the working cords separately, keeping at least 1-yard free (between bundle and handle).

Secure the handle and cords vertically on your board.  Make sure the filler cord rests between the two working cords.

Spiral Stitch

Cord 1

Step 2: Mentally number the cords 1 - 3. 

Curve working cord 1 to the right, over filler cord 2 and under working cord 3.

Cord 3

Step 3:  Move working cord 3 under filler cord 2, heading left.   Separate the cords to expand the knot, so the bundle can fit through (see next image).

As you pull cord 3 out, it should pass over cord 1 near the curved area.  To tighten, pull both working cords while holding the filler cord steady.

Step 4:  Read the three tips below.

Repeat steps 2 and 3
to continue making the Spiral Stitch.  Mentally re-number the working cords each time you repeat, so the knots are always tied the same way.

Stop when the Jump Rope is the size you determined in Preparation.  Include both handles when you measure.


Tip #1:  Always expand and enlarge the knot you are working on during step 3, so you can keep the material rolled up. 

When you tighten, pull the filler cord so it has tension. The knots should be as tight as possible.

5 Half Knots

Tip #2:  Each section of the Spiral Stitch should be the same size, so tie a total of five Half Knots.

Twist the section to the right, so the working cords switch places.

Push the knots close together before making the next five knots.

Remove Kinks

Tip #3:  Straighten the working cords to eliminate any kinks just before tightening.

Once in a while you should hold the cords vertically, so the bundles can dangle and untwist.


Step 5:  Push several sections close together, then slide the cords through the second handle.  

You will slide them apart again, once the finishing knots are tied in the following steps.

Secure the ends of the cords to the handle with tape.

Finishing Knot

Step 6: Wrap the three 18-inch segments above the first handle (step 1) with masking tape, so the cords work together to make the finishing knot.

Make sure the cords are organized (see next image).

The finishing knot for the Jump Rope starts by making a Slipknot:


Make a clockwise loop resting close to the top of the handle.


Fold the cords and pass them through the loop from below (Slipknot).

The portion that leads to the end of the cords should be on the bottom, as shown in this image.

Tighten Loop

Tighten the LOOP by pulling on the segment at the top, which leads to the portion inside the handle. 

Then pull on the folded portion. 

The goal is to make sure this part of the knot is inside the handle.


Step 7:  Bring the ends toward you, then pass them through the folded portion front to back.


Tighten the folded portion by pulling on the area close to the handle. 

Next, pull on the ends to tighten the remainder of the knot.  You can apply glue if you wish.

Step 8:  Repeat steps 6 - 7 to tie the finishing knot above the second handle.

Step 9: Adjust the Half Knots you pushed together in step 5, eliminating any gaps between the knots and the handle.

Step 10: Cut off the remaining material at both ends of the Jump Rope. 

Use the BBQ Lighter to melt the tips if using Parachute cord, Olefin, or similar material. 

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Have any comments about the Jump Rope? Contact Me.

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