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Josephine Knot

Josephine Knot

Description:  The Josephine Knot originated in the Orient, where it is still called the Double Coin Knot

In European countries it was named for Empress Josephine, who was the wife of Napolean for a time.

There are two variations on this page.  The first set of instructions show you how to tie this decorative knot in the center of a cord, with two ends free to move after the knot is tied. 

The second set of instructions will show you how to tie this Macrame knot with only one free end.  You will find the method useful when tying it in a series, or combined with other knots.

A third variation is on a separate page and is called the Sailors Knot.  It's made with two cords and has only two loops. 

To view two jewelry projects where this knot was used, click on these links:
First Loop

Step 1:  Cut one piece of material, at least 18 inches long.

Fold the cord in half.  Make a counter-clockwise loop with the left end, passing under to form the crossing point.  Secure the loop to your board.

Loop 2

Step 2:  To make Loop 2, bring the right end up, and fold it at the center, moving in a clockwise direction.

Pass over the first loop, and under the left end, as you bring it down.

Loop 3

Step 3:  To make loop 3, continue to move the right end to the top in a clockwise direction.

Weave over - under - over - under the four segments of loops 1 and 2, heading downward.

Step 4:  Tighten loop 2 first, by pulling on loops 1 and 3. 

Remove the slack in loops 1 and 3 by pulling on the ends


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 Second Variation

Second Variation

In the previous instructions, you rotated the left half of the cord to make the first loop, which was near the center.  Then you used the right half for the rest of the knot.

When other knots are present, you need to be able to make the Josephine knot with only one end free to move. 

First Loop

Step 1:  Secure one end of the cord to your project board, as if there were other knots present (on the left).

Rotate the free end clockwise to make loop 1.

Second Loop

Step 2:  Bring the end up to make loop 2, still rotating clockwise.

Pass the end over the first loop, as you bring it to the bottom again.

Loop 3

Step 3:  Make the third clockwise loop by passing the end under the secured portion. 

Weave over - under - over - under the other two loops.

Tighten the Josephine knot by removing the slack from each loop in the order they were made.

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