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Globe Float Hanger

Globe Float Hanger

Description: The Globe Float Hanger is a net-like pouch that surrounds glass globes.  You can use this general design to cover other items, such as bottles. 

This type of Macrame project was very commonly seen on sailing vessels, back when this craft was first being introduced. So it's considered a Vintage design.

For decorations that will be exposed to weather, use nylon or other man-made cord, rather than natural materials.

This pattern is rated Easy, and is a suitable project for beginners. 

Supplies Needed:
  • 2mm - 4mm Nylon Cord, Twine, or Rope
  • One 3-inch Ring
  • Glass Globe or other round object
  • Masking Tape
  • Glue
Knots Used: 

Step 1:  Cut 8 cords, each 10 times the size of the globe you are covering. 

For example:  To cover a globe that is 6 inches tall, each cord needs to be around 60 inches long. 

Be sure to prepare the ends, particularly if you are using twisted style material.


Step 2:  Make a Crown Knot for your Globe Float Hanger, following the instructions below. 

Note that only two cords are used in these images.

X Shape

Place 4 cords diagonally on your board.  Place the other 4 on top of them, the opposite direction (forming an X shape).

Mentally number the four groups as shown.

Group A

Fold the 4 cords in group A towards the right, resting on top of group B.

Make sure you leave a space, and arrange the cords neatly.


Group B

Fold the cords in group B so they are heading towards the back of your board (backward).

They should rest on top of the cords in group C.


Group C
  Fold the cords in group C to the left.

They should rest on top of the cords in group D.

Group D
  Fold the cords in group D forward, to the space formed by group A.

Bring them through the space over - under.

Tighten the knot by pulling on all 4 groups gradually.


Secure the Crown knot to the bottom of the glass globe with masking tape.  

As you make the net, it’s better to work around the glass ball, but you can also make the Globe Float Hanger flat on a table.

As you tie each row of knots, be sure to secure the net to the globe with additional tape.


Step 3:  You now have 16 cords to work with. Arrange them into 8 sets of two cords.

Tie a Linked Overhand knot with each set, 1-inch from the Crown knot.

The Fisherman’s knot is the easiest one to use for the Globe Float Hanger, but other knots on that page will work, too.

Tighten the knots so the net is flat against the glass globe, without any slack.



Step 4:  Move down 1-inch, and tie another row of the same knot you used in the previous step. 

Alternate the cords before you get started. 

That means you use one cord coming from two different knots in the previous row.



Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the net is close to the top of the globe.  

Make sure you alternate the cords each time.

Designer's Tip: You can increase the distance between each row of knots if you wish, but don't go over 2 inches.



Step 6:  Bring all the cords together. Select the four longest cords and use them to tie a Square Knot around all the others, which act as fillers.

So there will be two working cords acting together on each side.

This SK should rest against the top of the globe. Make sure the net is still tight before moving on.

This finishing technique is optional, if you prefer to do something else.


Step 7:  Tie a sennit of Square Knots measuring 3 - 4 inches.


Step 8:  Pass it through the ring and then fold it, so it rests around the bottom of the ring.

Select the two cords on the outside of the group.  Use them to tie an Overhand knot (or a Square Knot), making sure it goes around ALL the cords, including the ends. 

Apply glue while tightening, so it's on the inside.

You can tie additional knots if you feel they are necessary.  Cut off the excess material after the glue dries. 

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