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Flower Bracelet

Flower Bracelet
Description:  This Flower Bracelet pattern requires a Buttonhole Clasp, which may be a challenging decorative knot for young children. So this project may be more suitable for kids with experience in this craft, or adult beginners.

This Macrame project features the use of picots to form loops that look like flower petals.

There's a button in the center for decoration and one for the clasp as well.

I recommend you use flexible material such as the crochet cotton used in the example.
Supplies Needed:
  • 2mm Cord material
  • Project Board and pins (or tape)
  • 2 buttons
Knots Used:


Buttonhole Clasp

Cut two cords, each 2 yards long (for a child's size - up to 6 inches). 

For a larger size, cut the cords 12 times the length you wish to make. 

Coat the tips with glue and allow it to dry completely before starting the Flower Bracelet.

Find the center of both cords and secure them to your board with a pin.  The best way is to wrap the cords around the pin a couple times.   Secure the left half of the cords with tape while you  work on the right.

The working cords for the Buttonhole Clasp are on the outside, with the holding cords on the inside.

First Half

Step 1:  Tie the first half of a Larks Head knot by passing the working cord over - under the holding cord. 

Make sure it passes over the working cord as you bring it back to the right, to complete the clockwise loop.

Second Half

Step 2:  The second half of the Larks Head knot is tied by bringing the working cord under - over the holding cord.

Pass it under the working cord as you bring it back to the right.

Tie 4 - 6 Knots

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2, tying a total of 4 - 6 Larks Head knots for the right side of the clasp.

Repeat steps 1 - 2 with the left half of the cords, rotating counter-clockwise when tying the knots.

Test the Button

Step 4:  Make sure the button fits through the clasp, by bringing the ends together.  Add more knots if you think it needs to be larger.

Design Tip:  The loop should pass around the button loosely, but not allow the button to slip out.

To complete the Buttonhole Clasp for your Flower Bracelet, you need to tie a Square Knot.  Steps 5 - 8 show you how it's done.  

This knot will be used to form the rest of the bracelet, too.

SK Step 1

Step 5:  Mentally label the working cords right and left.  The two cords between them run through the center of the Square Knots, so are called fillers.

Bend the right working cord to the left, passing over the fillers, and under the left working cord.

Step 2

Step 6:  To complete the first half of the Square knot, bring the left working cord under the fillers, and over the right working cord.

Pull the two ends firmly, so the Buttonhole Clasp is tightly secured.

Step 3

Step 7:  Mentally re-label the working cords where they are now, since they have switched places.

Move the left working cord to the right, over the fillers and under the right working cord.

Step 4

Step 8: Move the right working cord under the fillers and over the left working cord.

Pull the ends firmly to tighten the Square Knot.


Macrame Cord Divider


 Flower Bracelet Design

Leave a 1-inch Space

Step 9: Move down 1 inch, leaving a space, and tie another Square Knot following steps 5 - 8 above.

Tighten the knot firmly, while holding the fillers steady. You can pull them taut, so it's easier to tighten the knot.

Slide SK Up

Step 10 :  Slide the Square Knot up, close to the one tied for the clasp.  This will form small picot loops on each side.

Then tie the next Square Knot, leaving a 1-inch space.

Add a Button

Step 11:  Repeat steps 9 and 10 until the Flower Bracelet measure half the size you planned to make.

Make sure you include the clasp when you measure.

Slide the fillers through the shank of one button, and position it against the last SK picot tied (optional).

Switch Cords

Step 12:  Switch the cords, so the working cords now become the new fillers. 

The purpose for the button is to disguise the area where the cords are switched. 

Tie the Second Half

Step 13: Tie the second half of the Flower Bracelet the same length as the first.

There should still be 1-inch between each knot, so the picots are the same size.

Button for Clasp

Step 14:  Add another button onto the filler cords, making sure the bracelet has not twisted, and the front is face up.

Check the size before the finishing touches, by completing the next step. 

Check the Size

Step 15:  Fold the Flower Bracelet at the center, where the first button is resting. 
The button for the clasp should line up with the Buttonhole at the other end.  Add more knots if necessary.


Finishing Touches

Apply Glue

Turn over the Flower Bracelet, so you are working in the back.   Locate the two filler cords running through the button.

Apply glue next to the button's shank.  Tie the two cords together with a very tight Overhand knot.

Square Knot

Apply more glue next to the Overhand knot, and then use the working cords to tie a Square knot around the fillers.

Pull it as tight as you can, and apply more glue to the knot.  Allow it to dry completely before cutting off the excess material.

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