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Double Bead Bracelet

Double Bead Bracelet

Description: The Double Bead Bracelet is made using a crisscross weaving pattern to connect two rows of jewelry beads.

It's easy to make, but you will use 1mm material.  So this Micro-Macrame bracelet could be a challenge for some beginners.

This bracelet design has a sliding clasp, and can be made with any material. Two colors are optional.

Note: I used thick materials and large beads in these instructions, so you could see the details more clearly.

Nikki E. inspired me to create this Macrame pattern.


Supplies Needed:

  • 1mm to 2mm cord materials
  • Beads (Hole Size = Thickness of Material)
  • Project board and pins

Knots Used:

  • Crisscross Weaving shown below
Secure 4 Cords  

Step 1: Cut 4 cords, each at least 7 times the finished length you wish to make.

Secure them to your board, at least 6 inches below one end.



Square Knots  

Step 2: Using the two cords on the outside as the working cords (blue), tie 2 - 4 Square Knots.

The two cords on the inside (tan) are the fillers for this portion of the Double Bead Bracelet.


Load the Beads  

Step 3: The fillers now become the working cords for the beaded portion (tan)

Move them to the right and left, passing under the cords previously used to tie the SK. Those are the new fillers (blue).



Step 3, continued:  Load the beads onto the fillers, then secure the 2 cords so they are taut.

The number of beads will depend on the size of the material as well as the beads. Start with 8 to 10 beads. You can add more later if there's not enough for the size bracelet you are making.

It really helps if the beads have holes the same size as the material. They won't slide around as much, and you will have better control.


Over - Cross - Under  

Step 4: Bring the working cords over the fillers, crossing the ends right over left.

Arrange two beads so they are lined up with the crossed area. 



Step 4, continued:  Make sure the beads are resting below the place where the working cords came over the fillers. 

Move the working cords under the fillers, just beyond the beads.

Important:  In order for the crossed weaving to work, the working cords have to wrap under and over the fillers above and below the beads.

So if you complete each step by passing the working cords under the fillers, they are in position to be brought over in the following step.

Also, it's important to crisscross the cords right over left each time.


Repeat Step 4  

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 -- Pass the working cords over the fillers, and then cross right over left.

Slide the beads up. Position the cords so they go under the fillers just below the beads.


Securing the Beads Really Helps  

Repeat Step 4 several more times, tightening the working cords as you progress. The Double Bead Bracelet needs to be snug, so pull the cords firmly and evenly.

It helps to secure the beads by placing a pin just below them.


End With a Cross Over  

Step 6: Verify that the bracelet is the right size, and stop when you have added enough beads.

Make sure you end with a cross over, so the working cords come around the fillers just beyond  the last beads.


Square Knots   Step 7: Using the same working cords, tie the same number of Square Knots as in Step 2.

You can switch the colors if you wish.

Before you make the Sliding Clasp, you can finish off the two working cords from each end. Move them to the inside of the bracelet.

Work them under the SK to hold them in place. Apply glue to secure the ends.

Your other option is to make the clasp around all 4 cords from each end.

Area for Sliding Clasp  

Step 8: To make the Sliding Clasp, curve the Double Bead Bracelet into shape, and crisscross the ends. Use a separate piece of material and tie the knots for the clasp in the area shown.

A Wrapped Knot works well for this design.



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