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Chain Picot Mount

Chain Picot Mount


Description: A Chain Picot Mount is a unique way to start a Macrame pattern, which is why it's considered a mounting technique. 

The designs described below are considered vintage techniques, because they were frequently used in Macrame patterns of the early 1900's.

A chain of knots, also called a sennit, is made at the center of the cord. It's curved into small loop called a picot or scallop, depending on the size.

Since it's meant to be attached to a holding cord, dowel, or ring, the Double Half Hitch is usually part of the design.


The most common type of Chain Picot Mount is made with the Alternating Half Hitch.

You will need one holding cord and two working cords to practice this variation.

Chain Picot Mount

  First Half Hitch at Center  

Step 1: Arrange the two working cords on your work surface vertically, and secure them at the center.

Tie a Half Hitch with the left cord onto the right, rotating counter-clockwise.   The knot should rest at the center.

Half Hitch:  Pass the left cord over - under the right cord.  Pass it over the left cord, as you pull it to the left.


  Alternate Cords  

Step 2: Tie the 2nd Half Hitch with the right cord onto the left, rotating clockwise. 

Alternate back and forth between the two cords to make a total of 5 Half Hitches

Turn the sennit around.  Begin at the center and tie another set of 5 knots. 


  Attach to Holding Cord  

Step 3: Position the ends at the left under the holding cord.

Attach them to the holding cord with Double Half Hitches.


  Form the Loop

Step 5: Curve the sennit into a picot, and attach the other two ends to the holding cord with DHH.

Make sure you slide them under the holding cord before tying the knots.


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The second type of Chain Picot Mount features the Spiral Stitch, also called the Half Knot Spiral.
Spiral Mount

Step 1  

Step 1: Secure 3 cords to your board vertically. Two will be working cords, and there will be one filler.

Move the left working cord towards the right, curving it over the filler.


Step 2  

Step 2: Move the right working cord over the left cord, under the filler, and over the left one again.

You will be moving right to left.

Steps 1 + 2 = one Half knot.


Tie Another Half Knot   Step 3: Tighten the first knot so it rests in the center of the holding cord.

Tie another Half Knot, repeating steps 1 and 2.

First Half = 1-inch   Step 4: Tie several more Half knots, until the first half of the design measures 1 inch

Progress from the center towards one end of the cords.


Turn Around and Continue  

Step 5: Turn the sennit around to make the second half of the chain.

Tie more Half Knots for another inch, so that the total size is 2 inches.


Form a Loop  

Step 6: Curve the design into a picot loop, and secure it to your work surface.

Place the ends under the ring, dowel, or holding cord. 


Attach to Ring

Step 7: Attach each end with a DHH.

A Chain Picot Mount will always stand above the item it's attached to, no matter which knot you use to create the picot.


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