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Chain Picot Mount

Chain Picot Mount

Description:  The Chain Picot Mount features a short sennit, rather than a single knot.  It is folded to form a loop, which is called a picot or scallop.  The sennit is then mounted to a holding cord, ring, or dowel. 

This takes place at the beginning of a Macrame project, so you need to have a plan as to which style will best suit your needs. 

The first design described below is considered a vintage technique, which was used in Macrame patterns of the early 1900's.   The other two are variations that show how other knots can be used in the same way.

The Double Half Hitch is an important part of these designs, so be sure you know how to tie them. 

 Alternating Half Hitch Mount

Alternating HH

Description:  The "official" Chain Picot Mount found in old Macrame books is made with the Alternating Half Hitch.  

Using two colors is helpful, especially if you are a beginner. 

To practice, arrange two working cords vertically on your board.  Secure the cords at the center, which is where you will start the knots. 

You also need one holding cord for step 5.

Half Hitch

Step 1: Make a counter-clockwise Half Hitch with the left cord, by passing it over - under the right cord. 

As you pull it left, pass over to complete the loop.

Tighten firmly, so the knot rests near the pin.

Right Cord

Step 2: Use the right cord to make a clockwise Half Hitch onto the left cord.

  Step 3:  Repeat steps 1 and 2 several times to make a sennit approximately 1/2-inch to 1-inch in length. 

The Chain Picot Mount can be any size, so use your judgement as to how tall you need it to be for your project.

Turn Around
  Step 4:  Turn the entire sennit around on your board.

Repeat steps 1 - 3 with the other half of the cords, starting at the center again. 

Tie the same number of knots.


Step 5:  Secure the holding cord to your board horizontally, stretching it so it has tension.

Fold the sennit in half and place it next to the holding cord, sliding the cords under it.

Attach each half of the working cords to the holding cord with a Double Half Hitch (DHH).



Step 6:  Repeat steps 1 - 5 to repeat the Chain Picot Mount with more cords (optional).



 Chain Sennit Mount

 Chain Sennit

Since the Chain Picot Mount can be made with other types of knots, I've added this one for you to experiment with. 

The knot that is used to make the loop is called the Chain Sennit, Caterpillar Sennit, or Slipknot Chain.  

This design will not work with 6mm material, because it's too bulky. 

You need one working cord at least 36 inches long.    Place it vertically on your board. Mark the center with a piece of tape.

For 2mm size material, measure 4.5 inches backward from the center and place a pin to mark the spot.

For 4mm material, mark the spot 9 inches backward from the center.

Step 1:  Make a counter-clockwise loop next to the pin.

The working end of the cord used to make the loop is the portion that leads to the center (forward from the pin).


Step 2:  Fold the working end to make bight, and pass it through the loop from below (under - over). 

Pull the bight firmly to tighten the first loop around it.  Make sure it rests next to the pin.

Then pull the working end to make the bight smaller.

New Bight

Step 3:  Fold the working end to make a new bight, and pass it through the previous one from below.

Pull the new bight to tighten, then pull the working end to make it smaller.


Step 4:  Repeat step 3 several times, until the sennit is approximately 2 inches long (for a 1-inch picot). 

Pass the working end through the last bight to complete the knot.  Pull firmly to tighten.


Step 5:  Arrange a holding cord horizontally on your board.  Fold the sennit and place it next to the holding cord, with both halves of the working cord under it.

Attach them with Double Half Hitches.

This Chain Picot Mount can now be repeated with other cords, if you wish to practice again.


Spiral Stitch Mount

Spiral Stitch

Description:  The Spiral Stitch can also be used to make the Chain Picot Mount.

This design is different than the two you just practiced. The knots twist to form a spiral.  It's also made with three cords.  Unfortunately, this means you can't use it for Macrame projects made with 6mm material.   You may need to make it larger than usual when using 4mm material.

I recommend you practice before deciding whether this design is best for your project.

Preparation:  To practice, you need two working cords at least 36 inches long.  You also need one filler and one holding cord.  They can be 12 - 18 inches long.

Arrange the filler cord vertically, secured at the center.  Place one working cord on each side of the it, matching the centers.

Left Cord

Step 1:  Start the Half Knot by moving the left working cord over the filler, and under the right working cord.

Right Cord

Step 2:  Move the right working cord under the filler, and over the left working cord.

Tighten the Half knot firmly, so that it rests against the pin at the center.


Step 3:  Repeat steps 1 and 2 five times, then twist the sennit so the working cords switch places.

Then tie more Half knots, until the sennit is 1-inch long.  Twist again as needed.

For 4mm size material, increase the size to 1.5 inches. 

Turn Around

Step 4:  Turn the sennit around, and go back to the center. 

Use the other half of the cords to tie the same number of Half Knots.



Step 5:  Secure a holding cord horizontally.  Fold the sennit in half at the center, and place it next to a holding cord, with the cords under it.

Attach each cord to the holding cord with a DHH.

This variation of the Chain Picot Mount can now be repeated with other cords (optional).


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