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Beaded Cross

Beaded Cross

Description:  The Beaded Cross is similar to the Cross Pendant, listed separately.  This Micro-Macrame design features Lanyard knots, which allow seed beads to be added to the cords.

This Macrame pendant is rated Moderate, because the material used is very thin and the small beads a challenge to work with.

Cotton Embroidery cord and glass E-beads were used in the example shown,
Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm cord materials
  • Beads with 1mm holes
  • Project Board and pins
  • Fabric glue that dries clear
Knots Used: 

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Horizontal Arms

The first step in making the Beaded Cross is to work on the horizontal portion (arms).

You'll be tying a Shamrock Knot, which is two Overhand Knots linked in a specific way.  

Other decorative knots can be used, but need to result in four ends heading in different directions.
Overhand Knot

Step 1:  Cut 4 cords, each at least 25 inches long.  Prepare the ends with glue to stiffen the material, to make beading easier.

Place a bead in the center of one cord.   Make an Overhand knot, but don't tighten it.

Second Cord

Step 2:  Pass a second cord through the Overhand knot, so it's under the crossed area and over the curve at the bottom.

Second Knot

Step 3:  Bring the top half of the second cord down, and complete the Overhand knot. Turn the second knot upright and sideways.

The first Overhand knot should rest flat on the board.

Tighten both knots firmly. 

Design Tip:  You will create the horizontal arms for the Beaded Cross first, followed by the vertical portion.  You can make them any size, as long as the two portions are balanced.

Add Beads

Step 4:   The knot you just tied should rest below the first bead. 

Add four more beads, 1 on each end.  Slide them close to the first bead.

Design Tip:  Now you will make the Lanyard knots.  If you don't understand the directions below, click on the link to view the page, which has more information.

Lanyard Knot

Step 5:  Arrange the ends to form an X shape.

cord A (lower left) to the right, passing over cord B (lower right). 

Step 5, continued:  Move cord B upward, passing over cord C (upper right).

Move cord C left, over cord D (upper left).  Bring cord D down, passing through cord A over - under.


Step 6:  Tighten the Lanyard knot slightly, so it's balanced. 

Pick up the four end to let the beads dangle.  Gravity will hold them in place while you tighten the knot further. 

The beads need to rest below the knot as shown. 

Knots then Beads

Step 7:   Now you will need to turn the design so the first bead is at the bottom.  Secure it to your board.

Tie at least one more Lanyard knot, without beads, to secure the first knot.  You can add another knot if you want the beads separated.

Step 8:  Repeat steps 4 - 7, until the horizontal portion (arms) of the the Beaded Cross is the size you want. 

I recommend you make the arms 2 inches in size, and make the vertical portion a total of 4 inches (step 9 - 10).

Even Number

Important:  There needs to be an even number of bead groups.

In the example, there were 8 groups. 

The vertical portion was secured between groups 4 & 5.  This way the two sides were balanced.

To finish the end, add a bead to one cord.   Combine it with one other, and tie a regular Overhand knot.  Do the same with the other 2 cords. 

Apply glue and cut off the remaining material when it's dry.


Vertical Portion of Cross

Step 9:  Start the vertical portion of the Beaded Cross by following step 1 - 7, using two new cords.  Stop when the sennit measures 1/2 to 1-inch in size.

For a cross over 4 inches tall, make the top section longer.


Position the horizontal portion on top of two cords.  The other two go over the front of it.

Fit the cords between the beads, so the horizontal arms are balanced on both sides. 

Tie the ends together with a tight Overhand knot to connect the two parts.

Lower Area

Step 10:  To make the lower vertical portion of the Beaded Cross, start by placing 4 beads on each cord.

Secure the finished sections so they are upright. You can hold them between your knees if that's easier.

Arrange the cords to form an X, and continue tying one or two Lanyard knots, followed by beads. 

Step 11:  To finish, add a final bead to one cord.  Combine it with another cord and tie a tight Overhand knot.  Do the same with the other two cords.  Apply glue while tightening these knots.  When it's dry, cut off the excess material.

To add cords for the necklace, tie an Overhand knot, fitting it around the top of the Beaded Cross.  Tighten it firmly.  It's best if you attach one cord at a time.

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