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Basic Plant Hanger

Basic Plant Hanger

Description: This Basic Plant Hanger is an easy Macrame pattern, suitable for beginners.

It features two different types of basic decorative knots. You can add beads, shells, or additional knots to add character.

The ring at the bottom is optional, if you prefer a fringe.


Finished Size: Approximately 36 inches tall (when using 4mm material)To make it larger, use 6mm material.



Supplies Needed:

  • 4mm - 6mm cord material  (74 yards)
  • 6 Tube or Oval Beads (optional)
  • One 2-inch Ring (a second ring at bottom is optional)

Knots Used: 



  • Cut 12 cords, each 6 yards long
  • Cut 2 cords, 36 inches long

Prepare the cords with tape to prevent unraveling. 

To make the Basic Plant Hanger longer than 36 inches, multiply the length you want by 7.  This applies to both 4mm and 6mm size material.


Step 1:  Fold 6 of the long cords in half and place them through the 2-inch ring, while holding the ring upright.  They should dangle over the bottom of it.

Fold the remaining 6 cords, placing them on top of the first ones.

Tie a Wrapped Knot around all the cords, using one of the 36-inch cords. It should be 1.5 to 2 inches long.

Before moving on, bundle each cord.  The method described below is one option.

You can also wrap the cord around your hand and use a rubber band to hold it together.


Macrame Cord Divider

Bundling Long Cords

Move down around 8 inches from the center, and wrap the cord around your hand several times. Stop when you have about 12 inches left.

  Wrap Cord Around Hand
Wrap the end around the center several times, to hold the coils together. Wrap firmly and pull the end tightly, so you end up with a sturdy bundle that's easy to handle.   Wrap End Around Middle

Pass the end under the coil closest to it, to hold it in place. Pull tightly to secure it.

As you work with the bundle, pull to get more cord from it as needed. Make sure you tug on the end to tighten the wraps around the center, since the roll gets smaller as you pull from it.

  Tuck End Under Coil

Macrame Cord Divider
Step 2:  You now have 24 cords to make the Basic Plant Hanger.  Separate the cords into 6 groups of 4. 

Tie a 12-inch chain of Square Knots in each group.  Each SK should have 2 working cords and 2 fillers.


Here's a diagram for you to follow that will help you visualize the different steps in the Basic Plant Hanger pattern.

Click on the icon to see a larger image, which will come up in a new window.


Step 3: Add beads or buttons to all 6 sennits, as follows:

Tie one Square Knot.  Slide a bead over all four cords, if the hole is large enough.  Slide them through one at a time.

Another option is to pass only the two filler cords through the bead.

Switch the fillers with the working cords.  Tie another SK below the beads.

Step 4: Tie a Spiral Stitch design, measuring 12 inches, in each of the six groups.

To change the design of the Basic Plant Hanger, try a different type of knot, or make these sennits longer.

You can add more beads, as in step 3, just before you make the cradle.



Step 5:  Tie 8 Square Knots in each of the 6 sennits.

Measure the design against the pots you are using. The first knot should rest at the top edge of the pot.

The last knot tied should rest half way between the top and bottom.  Add more knots if necessary.

Step 6: Alternate the cords, so you use two from two different sennits.

Move down to just above the place where the lower curve of the pot will rest.

Detail of Cradle   Tie a sennit of at least 6 SK, so the last one rests under the bottom of the pot, near the center.

Repeat with all the other groups.



Finishing Touches


Step 7: You have a choice for finishing the cords at the bottom of the Basic Plant Hanger.

For a beaded, knotted, or brushed fringe, tie a Wrapped Knot around the bundle of cords, using a 36-inch cord.

Option A: Finish the ends by tying Barrel knots.

Option B: Add small beads followed by a Barrel Knot.

Option C: Unravel each cord to form a wavy fringe.  Trim to neaten and apply glue to the tips.

Option D: To add another ring at the bottom for a more finished look, follow the instructions below. You can add wind chimes or other decorations to the ring.

Fold Cords Through Ring  

Pass the ends through the second ring, and fold them upward, so the tips are just above the bottom of the cradle.



Secure Extra Cord  

Place a 36-inch cord beside the bundle, and secure it on the left. Bring it down and fold it, so that the working end (longer portion) is on the outside.


Begin Wrapped Knot  

Bring the working end over the front of the bundle. It will pass over the secured end.

Move it around the bundle, passing under the secured end as you bring it back to the starting point.


Pass End Through Loop  

Wrap firmly, several more times, heading towards the ring. Continue until the Wrapped Knot is 1.5 to 2 inches long.

Pass the end through the folded area, which looks like a loop. 


Pull on Secured End   To complete the Wrapped Knot for the Basic Plant Hanger, pull on the secured end. The loop and working end will be pulled inside the wrapped area.


Trim the ends of the cord used to make the Wrapped Knot, and push them inside so they can't be seen.

Pull on each end of the cords to tighten them around the ring.  The Wrapped Knot should rest against the bottom of the pot.

Apply glue to the entire Wrapped Knot and allow it to dry before cutting off the excess material.


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