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Ara Batur Bar

Ara Batur Bar

Description:  The Ara Batur Bar is a unique Square Knot pattern featuring three colors.   The knots are tied so that there are loops along the edges.  The heads of the knots form a line down the middle.

You can use this type of knotted band to create a bracelet, belt, or other flat item.   In the example shown, there is a loop at one end, which can be part of a clasp.  You can start this design in the center of the cords, too.

I recommend practicing with Parachute cord, which is the material you see in the example.  Make sure you know how to tie both LEFT and RIGHT Square knots.

Ara Batur can be translated to mean Row Boat. Try to visualize the red and yellow loops as the oars, and the center area as the surface of the boat.  The loops could be the waves.
This design came from the Fusion Knots website.

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the image or link, and view the video gallery. See tutorials for this design along with many others.

Fusion Knots



Cut one cord of three different colors, each at least 72 inches long.  

Prepare the ends to prevent unraveling.  For Parachute cord, apply flame to the tips to seal in the core material.


Choose 1 cord to be color A, which is the purple cord in this example.

This will be the color you see along the edges of the Ara Batur Bar, as well as the line in the center.

Make a loop in the center, crossing right over left.


Place the other two cords so they rest under the crossed area.  The center of them should be directly under the crossed portion.

Mentally label them color B and color C, as shown.


Fold the upper segments of color B and color C over the front of the crossed area (color A).

Adjust the size of the loop.

First Half

Tie the first half of a RIGHT Square Knot using the color A cord. The fillers are all 4 segments of colors B and C.  Tighten firmly.

This loop is optional, if you are only practicing.   When using it as a clasp, adjust it to the size of the button or bead you will attach at the other end.


Square Knots

You will now tie the first two Square Knots, in opposite directions, to start the bar.  The steps below apply to all the knots, not just the first two:

All the LEFT Square Knots in the Ara Batur Bar are tied following steps 1 - 4.

Follow steps 5 - 8 to tie all the RIGHT Square Knots.

Note that the heads of the knots will be facing inwards (towards each other), which is what makes this design so unique.

Mentally number the six cords, as follows: 

Color A (purple) should be on the outside, numbered 1 and 6.

Color B (yellow) is numbered 2 and 3. 

Color C
(red) is numbered 4 and 5.

Left Square Knot

Cord 4

Step 1: Move cord 4 to the right, over cord 5 and under cord 6.

Cord 5 is the filler for this left Square Knot.

Cord 6

Step 2:  Move cord 6 to the left, passing under cord 5 and over cord 4.

This is the first half of the Square Knot.  Pull on the ends to tighten it firmly.

Cord 4

Step 3:  Move cord 4, which is now on the right, over to the left.

Pass it over cord 5 and under cord 6.

Cord 6

Step 4:  Move cord 6 under cord 5 and over cord 4, as you pull it to the right.

Tighten the second half by pulling the ends firmly. 


Right Square Knot

Cord 3

Step 5:  The following steps show you how to tie the RIGHT Square Knots in the Ara Batur Bar.

Move cord 3 to the left, over cord 2 (filler), and then under cord 1.

Cord 1

Step 6:  Move cord 1 to the right, passing it under the filler (cord 2) and over cord 3.

Tighten the first half of the SK firmly.

Cord 3

Step 7:  Move cord 3, which is now on the left, over cord 2 and under cord 1 (left to right).

Cord 1

Step 8:  Move cord 1 to the left, under cord 2 and over cord 3.

Tighten the second half of the SK firmly.

Macrame Cord Divider

Primary Design

The primary design for the Ara Batur Bar is a series of Square Knots that share cords. 

On the left, you will tie RIGHT Square Knots.  On the right, you will tie LEFT SK.  This will mean that the heads of the knots are resting next to each other.

  Pay close attention to the details as to which are the working cords versus the fillers. 

Right SK

Step 9:  Use working cord 1 and cord 4 to tie a RIGHT Square knot.  Cords 2 and 3 are the fillers.

Make sure the fillers are pulled straight when you are finished tightening the knot.

Designer's Tip:   Remember that the head will face the direction of the first cord you move, which is what you see in the images above and below.

Left SK

Step 10: Tie a LEFT Square knot using working cord 3 and cord 6.  The fillers are cords 4 and 5. 

Notice how cords 3 and 4 are part of both knots (shared).

Pull the fillers straight while tightening.


Step 11:  Repeat steps 9 and 10 several times, until the Ara Batur Bar is the size you want.

As you progress, straighten the heads of the knots, to form the line in the center of the design.   (see last image below)

Square Knot

Step 12:  To complete the design, tie a Square Knot using cords 1 and 6.  The other four are the fillers.

Cords 1, 2, 5, 6 can now be finished off if you are planning to make a clasp.   A button, bead, or button knot would be attached to cords 3 and 4.

Ara Batur Bar

This is the completed design, showing the details.  Click on the image to see a larger view.


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