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Triskelion Knot

Triskelion Knot

Description: The Triskelion Knot has the crossed elements typical of Chinese Knots.   The three loops are arranged in a triangular shape, and there is a crossed area in the center.

This knot is related to the Spiral Knot and the Good Luck Knot.

Keep the loops arranged in a triangular shape during construction.  Curve the cord rather than fold it, so the knot lies flat when you are finished.


This knot can be found on the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the link or image to visit the website. The video gallery contain tutorials for many unusual knots.

  Fusion Knots

Step 1: Fold a 60-inch cord in half and secure it to your board vertically. 


Step 2:  Measure each half of the cord from the center forward to 7 inches. 

Curve each half at that point and move the ends backward to form two bights.

Mentally label the bights A and B as shown.


Step 3: Arrange the cord in an inverted Y shape, with the bights heading right and left and the ends vertical.

Secure the bights close to the center fold.


Step 4: Make three clockwise loops with the two bights and the ends. 

Make sure the loops are not too large, so you have enough material for the next steps.

Bight A

Step 5: Move bight A to the right, passing it through the loop made with bight B over - under.

Bight B

Step 6: Move bight B backward vertically, passing it through the loop made with the ends over - under.


Step 7: Move the ends forward, passing them through the loop made with bight A over - under.


Step 8: Tighten and balance the knot partway, then reduce the size of the loop at the top by pulling on segments 1 - 5 (in that order).


Tighten the Triskelion Knot more, until it's the size you need for your project. 


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