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Spiral Knot

Spiral Knot
Description:  The Spiral Knot has the folded elements you see in other Chinese knots.   It's similar to the Good Luck Knot and the Tea Cup Knot

There is a triangular design in the center with three loops surrounding it. 

It makes a very unique pendant if you leave a loop at the top as shown above. You can also decorate the ends of the cord and use the design as a holiday ornament.

When you construct this knot, curve the cord rather than fold it, so it lies flat when you are finished.



This knot can be found on the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the link or image to visit the website. The video gallery contain tutorials for many unusual knots.

  Fusion Knots

Step 1:  Fold a 60-inch cord at the center and secure it to your board horizontally with the fold on the left.


Fold both halves again to make two bights, moving the ends to the left.

Enlarge the bights to 8 inches long, then secure them close to the center fold.

Mentally label the two bights A and B as shown.


Position the three segments as shown, with the ends remaining on the left.

Bight A should be curved to the left, and bight B curved to the right.


Segment A

Step 2: CURVE bight A forward vertically, passing it over both ends.

The curved portion should be labeled area 1.


Curve the ends towards the right, passing over bights A and B.

Mentally label the curve as area 2.

Segment B

Step 3:  Curve bight B backward, passing over the ends.

Mentally label the curve as area 3.

Segment B

Pass bight B over - under area 1, heading right to left diagonally.

Pull the ends and bights to tighten the knot slightly.

Segment B

Step 4: Move bight B forward diagonally, passing it  under - over area 2.

Do not cross over bight A.  Bight B should rest to the left of it.

Segment A

Step 5: Move bight A under - over area 3 heading left to right.

Bight A should should not cross over the ends.


Step 6: Move the ends under - over area 1 heading right to left.


Turn the knot over so you can see the front. 

One of the bights can be left large if you want a loop for hanging (optional). Reduce the size of the loop to suit your project.

Tighten the rest of the Spiral Knot gradually.



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