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Tea Cup Knot

 Tea Cup Knot


Description: The Tea Cup Knot is a 3-D design that can actually hold something small, since it stands up above a surface. 

In the image above, then ends were kept in place so you could see that it's not flat, which makes it very unique.

The design starts out similar to the Good Luck Spiral, which is a variation of the Chinese Crown Knot.

This cup-shaped decorative knot is a fun project on it's own, but it can also be used as part of Macrame flower designs.

Another option is to use it as a necklace pendant, after you place a focal bead or other decoration inside.   You can actually make it tight enough to hold a stone. 

It's important to use a project board and pins to help control the loops.

Three Segments  

Step 1: Fold a 72-inch cord in half and secure it at the center, with the ends heading upward.

Match the ends and push them down, towards the center, forming two bights.

Make sure all three segments are the same size. Mentally label them as shown.

Secure the areas at the center with pins or tape.


Arrange the Segments  

Step 2: Arrange the segments so the ends are at the top.

Bight A should be at the lower left, and bight B on the lower right.


Bring Ends Down  

Step 3: Curve bight A and push it upward slightly.

Bring the ends down, passing them over bight A at two points (X).


Mentally number the area made by curving the ends as space 1.

The area at the curve of bight A is space 2.

Move Bight A  

Step 4: Move bight B backwards slightly and curve it, so it's closer to the ends.

Bring bight A across bight B, so it passes over at two points (X).

Mentally label the lower area as space 3.


Bight B To Top  

Step 5: Bring bight B to the top of the Tea Cup Knot.

Move it across space 1.


Weave Bight B  

Step 6: Move bight B down to space 2 on the left.

Weave under - over - under the three segments in that area, which includes a portion of the ends as well as bight A.


Weave the Ends  

Step 7: Move the ends to the right, passing over bight B.

Weave through space 3, under - over - under.


Weave Bight A  

Step 8: Bring bight A over the ends, which are on the right.  Move it up to space 1.

Weave under - over - under, moving right to left.

Make sure it does not pass over the segment of bight A in that area; stay above it.


Flip the Knot  

Step 9: Tighten the Tea Cup Knot gradually, removing the slack from one area at a time.

As you progress, form the knot into a cup by pushing down on the inside, near the opening. 


Cross the Bights   Step 10: Flip the knot so it's upside down.

Cross the two bights, left over right.

Tuck the Ends  

Step 11:  Move the ends over the bight resting on your right.

Pass them under the other bight, close to the back surface of the knot.


Tighten   Step 12: Pull on the bights and ends so the triangular shape is tightened firmly against the bottom of the Tea Cup Knot.

Finished Knot

You can now use the ends and bights as attachment points for other cords.

Another option is to finish off the ends/bights by tucking them into the lower part of the Tea Cup Knot. Add glue and cut off any excess material.


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