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Star Knot

Star Knot

Description: The Star Knot is sometimes called the Daisy Knot or Flower Knot.

It's a very interesting Celtic knot, and is not frequently seen in Macrame projects.

There are two Crown Knots present.  They are tied in opposite directions, and include several linked loops.

It has elements similar to a Triskelion Knot, which is another type of Crown Knot design.

This knot is a good project for beginners and children, since it can be used as a pendant, ornament or hair decoration.

You will need a project board and pins to successfully create this decorative knot.



Step 1: To practice the Star Knot, you need 3 cords, each at least 36 inches long.

Place 2 of them in an X shape, and one horizontally, matching the centers. Secure them to your board at the center.

Mentally number the segments 1 - 6, moving counter-clockwise, as in the image below.


Cord 1 Over 2  

Curve cord 1 to the right, passing over cord 2.

Secure it with a pin at the curve,to mark the space where cord 6 will pass through.


Cord 2 Over 3  

Step 2: Curve cord 2 upward, passing over cord 3.

Make sure cord 1 remains in place.


Cord 3 Over 4  

Step 3: Curve cord 3 towards the left, passing over cord 4.

Make sure cord 2 remains in place.


Cord 4 Over 5   Step 4: Curve cord 4 so it passes over cord 5, on the left.


Cord 5 Over 6   Step 5: Curve cord 5 down, passing it over cord 6.

Cord 6 Through Space  

Step 6: Bring cord 6 over cord 1 and through the space.


Tighten First Knot  

Tighten the knot by pulling on the ends.

This area will sit in the center of the Star Knot, so you can make it any size. The remainder is formed around it.


Loop With Cord 1  

Step 7: Mentally re-number the cords, moving in a clockwise direction.  

Make a clockwise loop with cord 1. Pass the end under to make the crossing point.


Loop With Cord 2  

Step 8: Make a clockwise loop with cord 2. Pass the end under to make the crossing point.

Pass the end of cord 2 through loop 1 under - over (from below)


Loop With Cord 3  

Step 9: Make the next loop with cord 3.  Bring the end through loop 2, from below.

Continue on in this manner, until there are loops made with all 6 ends. The final step is to pass cord 1 through the loop made by cord 6.


Begin 2nd Lanyard Knot  

Step 10: Now you will make the final area of the Star Knot, which is another Lanyard knot. Only this time, you rotate clockwise as you form it.

Start with cord 2, which is the end coming out of loop 1. Move it left, passing over cord 3.


Design Tip:  As you construct this section of the knot, the cords can either rest beside the loops or on top of them, whichever is easier for you.

Continue Lanyard Knot  

Step 11: Locate cord 3, which comes out of loop 2, and pass it over cord 4.

Continue on, passing cord 4 over 5, then 5 over 6, and cord 6 over 1.

The final step is to pass cord 1 through the curved area made by cord 2 (arrow).


Star Knot

To tighten the Star Knot, begin by pulling on all the ends so the second Lanyard knot is slightly smaller.

Next, reduce the size of each loop

Once they surround the first Lanyard knot, you can then tighten the second one more.


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