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Spiral Design

Spiral Design

Description: The Spiral Design is a very unique way of using Double Half Hitches. The holding cord determines the shape of any DHH pattern. So by moving it in a circular path, the bar will coil around the center point.

You could use this design to form the center of a Macrame flower.  By adding many colors, you can form a rainbow spiral.

Be sure to use a project board and pins to help control the cords.  You can either spin the knot as you construct it, or rotate the entire board.

It's best to use 2mm to 4mm material to PRACTICE this decorative knot.  When using this design in a Macrame project, use 1mm to 2mm size material, so the knots are smaller.  This will result in a much neater design than what is shown here.



Make sure you practice tying Double Half Hitches (DHH) before you get started.

Try to tie the knots with one hand, while controlling the holding cord with the other hand.  

Click on the image or link to visit that page now.

Shaggy Dog

The ears for the Shaggy Dog project were made with the Spiral Design.

The nose was also made in a similar way, coiling the knots around a bead.

Click on the image or link to view the page.

Step 1: Place a holding cord on your board horizontally.   Approximately 6 inches from the left end of the cord, secure it with a pin.  That end of the cord is considered the "tail".

The remainder of the holding cord is called the "long portion".  It will be moved frequently to form the Spiral Design.  Roll it up or mark it in some manner, so you can easily identify it.

All the working cords are added using the Reverse Larks Head knot, which is described in the next two images:


Fold one working cord in half and place it on top of the holding cord. 

It should be positioned close to the secured tail.


To complete the reverse Larks Head knot, bring the ends under the holding cord, and over the folded area of the working cord.

Tighten the knot, then push it to the left, so it's resting against the pin.

Cord 2

Step 2:  Turn the board around, so the short tail is on the right.

Attach another working cord to the holding cord with a reverse Larks Head knot. 

Move the second cord to the right, so it rests against the first cord.


Step 2:  Curve the long portion of the holding cord to the right, passing over cord 2.

Attach both halves of cord 2 to it with counter-clockwise Double Half Hitches (left to right).

The image shows a single Half Hitch.  Make sure you tie two.


Designer's Tip:  A Half Hitch is tied by making a loop over - under the holding cord.  The working end passes over to complete the loop. 

Work with the material so it folds smoothly around the holding cord.  Tighten each knot as much as possible, so they are all the same size.

You will have better results if you pull the holding cord taut with one hand, while tightening the knot with the other hand.

Turn Around

Turn the board around again, so both parts of the holding cord are on the right.  Push the knots close together.

Pass the long portion under the tail, and attach it with a clockwise DHH (right to left). 

Cord 1

Step 3:  Move the long portion of the holding cord to the right, over cord 1.

Attach both halves of cord 1 to it with DHH, rotating counter-clockwise (left to right).

Designer's Tip:  Notice the pin in the center of the knot? 

By placing it there, you can rotate the Spiral Design rather than the entire board.  


New Cords
  Step 4:  Note that there is a gap between working cords 1 and 2. 

You need to add one (or more) new cords to span that gap, with reverse Larks Head knots. 

The amount you add depends on the size material you are using. 

Cord 2
  Step 5:  Turn the Spiral Design so the new cords are on your left and cord 2 is in front of you.

Pass the long portion of the holding cord over cord 2.

Attach both halves of cord 2 to the holding cord with counter-clockwise DHH.

New Cords

Step 6:  There is another gap where you need to add one (or more) new cords. 

In this case, 2 cords were added with reverse Larks Head knots.

Holding Cord

Step 7:  Turn the Spiral Design (or board), so both parts of the holding cord are on the left.

Bring the long portion of the holding cord under the tail, and attach it with a DHH.

This completes row 2 of the Spiral Design.


Row 3
  Step 8:  Start the third row by attaching both halves of cord 1 to the holding cord with DHH.

Attach ALL the other cords with DHH, adding a new cord whenever there is a gap.   Usually you only need one or two for the third row.

Holding Cord
  Step 9:  Repeat step 7, attaching the long portion of the holding cord to the tail.

Repeat steps 8 and 7 to make the Spiral Design larger (optional).

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