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Simple Necklace

Simple Necklace

Description:  This Simple Necklace is a great Macrame project for kids (6+) and beginners.  The knots are easy to tie, and you can use any type of material and beads.

Cotton crochet cord, a button (pendant), and cord beads were used in the example shown. 

You can use a bead as the pendant instead of a button.  Make sure the hole is horizontal.

Supplies Needed:
  • 2 mm cord material
  • One shank button or a regular pendant.
  • Beads with a hole size of 4 mm - 6 mm (optional)
  • One round bead for clasp
  • Project board, pins, tape, glue
Knots Used: Alternating Half Hitch and Overhand knot

Preparation:  Cut 2 cords, each 2 yards long

For a necklace over 20 inches, cut the cords longer. 

Apply glue at the tips and allow it to dry completely before starting.


Step 1: Slide both cords through the shank of the button (or a bead if you are using one)

Match the ends so the pendant is at the center of the cords. 

Turn the cords so they are vertical.

Half Hitch

Step 2:  The first half of the necklace is made with the cords in front of the pendant (closest to you). 

Tie a Half Hitch by passing the right cord over - under the left, rotating clockwise.  As you pull it right, pass over the right cord to complete the loop. 

Tighten the knot.

Designer's Tip:  When tightening the first few Half Hitches, try to make sure they are not too small or they will slide through the shank of the pendant.

All the Half Hitches should be close together without gaps between them.


Pass the left cord over - under the right, rotating counter-clockwise.

As you pull the cord left, pass over the left cord to complete the loop.  Tighten the knot.  

Add a bead to both cords (see information below)


The best way to add beads is to use a piece of thin wire.

Fold the wire and pass it through the bead as shown.

Pull Wire

Pass the ends of both cords through the wire.

Pull the wire, which will bring the cords through the bead.

First Half

Step 3: Repeat step 2 several times, until the Simple Necklace is 1/2 the finished length you want to make. 

Place beads every 1.5 to 2 inches (optional).

Tie an Overhand knot next to the last Half Hitch. 

Turn Around

Step 4:  Turn the Simple Necklace around on your board, so you can use the other half of the cords. 

Make sure the pendant is close to the other knots before you begin the second half.

Repeat steps 2 and 3See information below.


Designer's Tip:  Arrange the beads so they line up with those in the first half.

You can secure the pendant and have the two halves resting side by side as you work.


Step 5: Secure the Simple Necklace so nothing is twisted. 

Pass the cords from the right side of the necklace through the round bead from right to left. 

Pass the cords from the left side through the bead from left to right.  


Step 6: Place the Simple Necklace around your neck to make sure it fits. 

Close the necklace, then open it just wide enough for your head to fit through.

Just beyond the bead is where the finishing knots should rest in the next step (X).

OH knot

Step 7:   Tie a tight Overhand knot with both cords acting together, at the point determined in the previous step.

Apply glue on the inside of the knot, just before you tighten it.  Let the glue dry, then cut off any extra material.

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