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Ring of Coins

 Ring of Coins


Description: The Ring of Coins is a historical knot based on the Josephine Knot, which is also called the Double Coin Knot. 

It's similar in appearance to the Celtic Circle knot, but is easier to tie.

You can add a second cord to double the knot, or make it very large and fill it in with several cords.

You can use this decorative knot as a pendant for a Macrame necklace, or anywhere you need a compact knot with the ends at the top. 

The material used in the example is Paracord, which must be prepared by melting the ends with a flame.

The Ring of Coins is on the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the link or image to visit.

  The Video Gallery contains tutorials for a large number of unique decorative knots.

  Fusion Knots Website

Josephine = Double Coin Knot  

Step 1: Secure a 72-inch cord to your board at the center

The instructions for the first Josephine Knot are below.


First Loop

Right Loop:  Make a counter-clockwise loop with the left half of the cord.

The end should pass under to make the crossing point on the left.

Center Loop

Center Loop: Bring the right end down, so it rests over the first loop.

Pass it under the left half of the cord, and then bring it up to the top of the knot moving clockwise.


Left Loop: Weave the right end through Loops 1 and 2, moving towards the lower right.

Pass it over - under - over - under the four segments.

Pull End Out of Loop   Step 2: Tighten the Josephine knot slightly, and balance the three loops.  Mentally label the ends where they are now.

Pull the right end out of the right loop, so it rests on top of it.

Two Loops  

Step 3:  Make two clockwise loops with the right end. 

The second loop should rest on top of the first loop, positioned below and to the right of the Josephine knot above. 


Weave Through First Knot  

Rotate the right end clockwise, and bring it up to the first Josephine knot.

Weave through the three segments of the right loop, under - over - under.


Weave Through Loops  

Step 4: Bring the right end down to the two loops you made in the previous step.

Weave it over - under - over - under the four segments.  Move right to left, towards the bottom.


You now have two linked Josephine knots for your Ring of Coins. 

Pull End Out   Step 5: Move to the left loop of the first Josephine knot.

Pull the left end out of the loop, so it rests under it.

Loop 1  

Step 6:  Make a counter-clockwise loop with the left end.

It should be placed across from the second Josephine knot on the right, and below the first knot at the top.

Pass the end under to form the crossing point.


Two Loops on Left  

Make a second counter-clockwise loop by passing the left end under the first loop.


Weave End Through First Knot  

Step 7: Bring the left end up to the first Josephine knot, rotating counter-clockwise.

Weave it over - under - over the three segments of the left loop.

Weave Through Loops  

Step 8: Bring the left end down to the set of loops you made in step 6.

Weave  under - over - under - over the four segments.

This completes the third Josephine knot for your Ring of Coins.


Pull Ends Out of Loops  

Step 9: Pull the ends out of the lower loops in knots 2 and 3.

On the left, the end should rest under the loop.

On the right, it should rest over it.


Cross Ends  

Step 10: Cross the right end over the left.


Step 11: Rotate the end now on the right in a counter-clockwise direction.

Bring it up to the second Josephine Knot, which is on the right.

Weave Right to Left  

Locate the lower loop, where you pulled the end out in step 9.

Weave it through under - over - under, moving right to left.


Weave Left to Right  

Step 12:  Move the end now on the left up to the third Josephine Knot, rotating clockwise.

Locate the lower loop where you pulled the end out in step 9.

Weave it through over - under - over,  heading left to right.


Crossed Areas  

Step 13: Locate the first crossed area you made in step 10.

Cross the ends again right over left, above the first cross.

This prepares the area for the 4th Josephine Knot for your Ring of Coins.


Fourth Knot  

Step 14:  Move the end now on the left, which is marked in red, under - over the two segments just below it, also on the left.

Move the end now on the right, which is marked in blue, over - under the two segments below it, on the right.



Step 15: Tighten the Ring of Coins slowly and carefully, removing the slack from the knots.

Start at one one end and work towards the other. 

Leave some space, so you can see the overall design clearly. 


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