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Oblong Knot


Oblong Knot

Description:  The Oblong Knot is a variation of the Mystic Knot.  It's also related to the Cloverleaf Knot.

This Chinese knot has a rectangular area in the center, with loops that surround it.

You can leave the loops large, as shown in the example, or tighten them completely. 

Fold A

Step 1:  Cut a 60-inch cord to practice the Oblong Knot.

Fold the cord 6 inches from one end, and arrange it vertically so the working end is on the left.  Secure the fold and the tail.  Mentally label it fold A.

Loop 1

Make a clockwise loop with the working end, and mentally label it loop 1.

Pass it over the working end to make the crossing point, then bring it under the secured tail.

Make sure it rests half way between fold A and the secured tail.

Fold B

Step 2:  Move the working end under - over the two vertical segments, heading left. 

Mentally label it fold B.


Fold C and D
  Move the working end to the right, over - under the two vertical segments.

Fold the cord, then move it to the left, under - over the two segments.

Mentally label fold C on the left and fold D on the right.

Loop 2
  Step 3:  Make a clockwise loop with the working end, passing around fold A. Mentally label it loop 2.

Move the cord toward the front of the board, passing under - over fold D, and over - under fold B.

Loop 3

Step 4:  Make a counter-clockwise loop with the working end.  Mentally label it loop 3.

Move it over all three vertical segments as you bring it towards loop 1 on the left.


Left to Right

Push fold B and loop 3 apart, to create some space between them.

Move the working end to the right, passing under the three vertical segments in the space you created.


Fold E

Step 5:  Create some space between folds B and D.

Move the working end around fold B, and mentally label that area fold E.

Bring it under the three vertical segments as you move it to the left towards fold C.

Left to Right

Move the working end to the right, passing over the three vertical segments. 

This takes place between folds E and D.

Step 5, continued:  Before moving on to the final steps for the Oblong Knot, make sure you can clearly see all the loops and folds, spreading them apart as needed. 

You can remove some of the pins, but make sure you keep the loops secured, along with folds C and E.

Push the vertical segments to the left, so you have plenty of room for the next area of vertical weaving.  See the next image below (<<< arrows).

Loop 4

Step 6:  Make a counter-clockwise loop with the working end, going around fold D

Bring it forward, passing under - over fold D, under the next segment, and under fold E.

Pass it over - under fold B, under fold E, and through loop 3 under - over.


Step 6, continued:  Push the segment you were just weaving to the right, so there is space between it and the vertical segments on the left.

Make sure you can clearly see the folds and loops on the right side of the knot.

Backward Weave

Step 7:  Bring the working end to the left of the vertical segment from step 6.

Moving backward, pass it over loop 3, over fold E, and under - over fold B.

Pass it over the next two segments, then over - under fold D.

Step 8:  Tightening the Oblong Knot can be challenging, so here are some tips:

  • Keep the four loops secured by leaning the pins backward over them.   Also secure folds C and E.
  • Start at the tail and slowly remove most of the slack.  When you get to the secured parts, just reduce the size, and tuck them against the pins.  Keep doing this until the center section is completely tightened.
  • You have the option of tightening all the loops and folds completely, which is easier.  You can also tighten folds C and E and leave only the four loops.


Once the center is tightened, pull on the four loops and two folded areas until they are the size you want.



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