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 Mycelium Bar

Mycelium Bar

Description:   The Mycelium Bar is similar to the Woven Wave in that the knots are stretched after they are tied.   This process allows you to see the weaving, which is quite interesting. 

You will be tying Half Knots, which is the first half of a Square knot.

This decorative knot is perfect for Paracord bracelets, Macrame belts, and other designs where you need a long, slender knot.

The instructions below include a loop at one end.  At the opposite end a button, bead or button knot can be placed to form a clasp.

When using Paracord, as in the example shown, be sure to melt the tips with a flame to prevent the inner core from sliding out.  This applies to the finishing steps as well.

I found this knot on the Fusion Knots website.

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the image or link to visit the site.  The video gallery contains a tutorial, under the name Branching Mycelium Bar.    There are also many other appealing decorative knots there as well.

Fusion Knots


Preparation  and Loop

To practice, cut one cord of each color, at least 60 inches long. 

Using two colors is an important part of making the Mycelium Bar. 

When using this decorative knot in a Macrame project, the length of the cord should be 8 times the finished length of the item you plan to make.

Add more material if you plan to tie a Button knot for a clasp.

The loop design below is optional, if you prefer to just secure the folded cords to your board. 


Make a loop in the center of color A, crossing left over right.

Slide the color B cord through the loop, under - over as shown. 

Make sure the centers of both cords line up.

Color B

Move the left half of color B under the crossed area of color A.

The right half should go over the front of the crossed area.

Now you will tie a Half Knot, following the instructions below.  The working cords are color A, and the fillers are color B.

Right Half
<<  Move the working cord on the right over the color B cords, and under the working cord on the left.

Move the working cord on the left under the color B cords and over the working cord on the right.  >>

Pull the ends firmly to tighten.
Left Half

Macrame Cord Divider


Mycelium Bar Design

Cord 4

Step 1:  The working cords are 1 and 4 (color A).  The fillers are 2 and 3 (color B).

Move cord 4 to the left of cord 3, passing over it. 

Move down slightly, and bring it under cord 3.

Right to Left

Step 2:  Move cord 4 from right to left, passing over the fillers and under cord 1.

Half Knot

Step 3:  To complete the Half Knot, move cord 1 under the fillers and over cord 4, as you pull it right.

Pull on both ends to tighten the knot firmly.

Cord 4

Step 4:  Use cord 4 again, which is now on the left. Wrap it over - under cord 2, as you did in step 1.

Step 5: Tie a Half Knot as shown below:

Left to Right
<<  Move cord 4 to the right, over the fillers and under cord 1.

Move cord 1 to the left, under the fillers and over cord 4.  >>

Pull the ends firmly to tighten.
Right to left

Half Finished Size

Step 6:  Repeat steps 1 - 5 several times, until the sennit is half the finished size you wish to make.

Macrame Cord Divider

Stretching and Finishing


Step 7:  Secure the sennit to your board horizontally.  The loop should be on the left.

Slide each knot to the right, stretching them as far as possible.   

Step 7, continued:  Measure the Mycelium Bar to verify it's the size you want.  

You may need to add or remove knots if necessary.

Cord 4 Left
To complete the Mycelium Bar, you need to tie one Half knot. 

The direction will depend on which side of the knot cord 4 is resting.

As you tighten the knot, apply glue to the fillers, so it's on the inside.
Cord 4 Right


After the glue dries, you can finish off cords 1 and 4

The best method is to cut them off close to the last knot.  Other options are below.

Heat and melt the ends if using fusible material such as Paracord or Polypropylene (Bonnie Braid).

Design Options:  When using fine cord (2mm or less), you can bring them to the back and tie an Overhand knot. 

For heavier material, you can weave the ends under the knots in the back of the design.

Use the fillers to tie a button knot, or to attach a regular button or bead (for a clasp). 

Click on the links (names) to view the instructions for two button knots:

Button Knots

                           Knife Knot        Oysterman Knot                      

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