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 Mated Snake Knot

Mated Snake Knot

Description:  The Mated Snake Knot is a variation of the Chinese Snake Knot, but has small differences.  This decorative knot features one color along the edges, with the other color on the inside. 

You could use this type of sennit for Macrame projects that require a closely woven, sturdy design.   It would be suitable for a purse handle, a plant hanger, or a belt. 

Since it's a thick knot, it makes a great Key Chain project for kids.

You can use fine material, 2mm or less, to make a Micro-Macrame bracelet or choker with this knot design.

In the example shown, a loop was added at the top, which is optional if you are just practicing.  

When using Paracord, as in the example, make sure you melt the ends with heat to seal the inner fibers.

I found this knot on the Fusion Knots website

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the image or link to visit his site. 

The video gallery contains a wide variety of combination knots and techniques.

Fusion Knots



Cut two cords, each at least 72 inches long, to practice the Mated Snake knot (two colors). 

In the images shown, color A is is red, and color B is purple.

When using this knot in a Macrame project, the cords need to be at least 12 times the finished size of the item you are making. 

Add extra material if you plan to make a button knot for a clasp (color A only).

Here are the instructions to make a simple loop design at the top:


Fold color A in half and secure it to your board. 

Place color B under it, and match the ends to center the cord.

Cross the two ends of color B in front of color A.

Note the space indicated above the crossed area.

Color A

Bring the ends of color A up and over the cross, passing through the space.

Pull them straight down, and adjust the size of the loop.

Tighten by pulling on all 4 ends. 


Mated Snake Knots

Mated Snake Knot Design

Loop 1

Step 1:  Mentally number the cords 1 - 4.

Make Loop 1 with cord 4, in a clockwise direction: 

Pass it over - under cord 3. As you pull the end right, pass under cord 4 to make the crossing point.

Loop 2

Step 2:  Use cord 3 to make Loop 2 in a counter-clockwise direction:

Bring it under the end of cord 4, and over the crossed area. 

Pass over the portion of cord 3 inside the first loop, and under the crook of loop 1.

Step 2, continued:  You can tighten Loop 2 slightly, but leave the first loop expanded for now.

Loop 3

Step 3:  To make Loop 3 on the left, rotate cord 1 counter-clockwise:

Start by passing the end through Loop 1 from the top, which is over - under.   As you pull it left, pass under cords 2 and 1. 

You can now tighten loops 1 and 2 slightly.

Loop 4

Step 4:  Make Loop 4 with cord 2, rotating clockwise:

Start by passing under the end of cord 1 on the left. Bring it through Loop 3, passing over both cords above the loop.

Pass it under the crook, close to where loops 1 and 3 are linked.

Step 5:  Tighten all 4 loops by pulling on the ends.  Make sure ALL the slack is removed and the loops are firm, since it's hard to go back if they are too loose.

Repeat the four steps above, to make the next set of loops.  Below are additional photos:

Loop 1
<< Repeat Step 1

                      Repeat step 2 >>
Loop 2

Loop 3
<< Repeat Step 3

                   Repeat Step 4 >>
Loop 4


Apply glue when tightening the last set of loops at the bottom of the Mated Snake knot, so it's on the inside.

When it's dry, you can cut off cords 1 and 4 close to the bar, or move them to the back and work each one under the knots. 

For Paracord, melt the ends with a flame.

Cords 2 and 3 are used to attach a button, bead, or to tie a button knot for a clasp (optional). 

Finish them off if you don't need a clasp.

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