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Chinese Snake Knot

Chinese Snake Knot

Description: The Chinese Snake Knot symbolizes good fortune.  In ancient Chinese culture the snake is considered the guardian of treasure and riches.  It's also a symbol of wisdom and strength. 

This beautiful and unique decorative knot can be used to make a purse handle, a choker-style necklace, a belt or a bracelet.   You can make it with heavy rope and connect the ends if you want a wreath. 

The sennit is not flat, especially if you make it with thick material like the Paracord shown in the example.


Step 1:  You need two cords of different colors to practice, which should be at least 36 inches long. 

Secure one end of both cords to your project board, arranged vertically.

Loop 1

Mentally label the cords A and B as shown.

Make a clockwise loop with cord A, which is on the right.


Cord 2

Start the second loop by moving cord B through the first loop under - over.

Pass it over the working end of cord A, heading towards the back of the board (backward).


Loop 2

Rotate cord B counter-clockwise, moving it under the secured end of cord A.

Pass it through loop 1 under - over - over.



Step 2: Tighten loop 1 by pulling on the working end of cord A.

Loop 2 should remain a little loose, but tighten it most of the way.


Designer's Tip:  Work with the material so that the loops FOLD neatly without twists or kinks.  

This is important if you are using Paracord or other material that is flat rather than round. 

Loop 3

Step 3: Make loop 3 by moving cord A under cord B, heading left.

Fold it to the right, passing it over the working end of cord B, then through loop 2 over - under.  



Tighten both loops, sliding loop 3 forward so it rests against loop 1 without overlapping.

Pull loop 3 to loosen it slightly.


Turn Over

Turn the Chinese Snake Knot upside down, so cord B is on the right.

The working end of the cords should stay in the same place, heading toward you.

Loop 4

Step 4:  To make loop 4, move cord B to the left, passing it under the working end of cord A.

Move it to the right, passing it over cord A and through loop 3 over - under.


  Tighten loops 3 and 4 by pulling on the working ends.

Tightening both loops helps to make sure the Chinese Snake Knot is balanced.

Turn Over

Step 5:  Turn the Chinese Snake Knot over again, so cord A is on the right.

Pull loop 4 to loosen it slightly.


Repeat step 3.

Use cord A to make the new loop (# 5), passing it through loop 4.

Tighten loops 4 and 5 by pulling on the working ends.

Turn Over
  Step 6:  Turn the knot over again, so cord B is on the right.

Pull loop 5 to loosen it slightly.


Repeat step 4 to make loop 6.

Use cord B to make the new loop, passing it through loop 5.

  Step 7: Repeat steps 3 - 6 at least one more time.

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