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Chinese Snake Knot

Chinese Snake Knot

Description: The Chinese Snake Knot symbolizes good fortune, due to the fact that you are considered lucky if a snake is found in your home.

The snake is considered the guardian of treasure and riches, so itÂ’s not surprising that traditional Chinese craftsmen have a knot named after that creature.

This beautiful and unique decorative knot is not seen in most Macrame projects nowadays.

This knot can be used as a purse handle, as part of a handcrafted necklace, or even as a slender belt.

Paracord was used in the example shown.  Make sure you heat and melt the ends if using this material.


You will need 2 cords, at least 36 inches long, to practice the Chinese Snake knot. The design looks best if there are two colors, but it can be made with one.

In the images, Cord 1 is green, and Cord 2 is brown.
Loop 1  

Step 1: Secure one end of both cords to your project board or work surface.

Make the first loop in a clockwise direction, using cord 1, which should be on the right.


Start Loop 2  

Step 2: Loop 2 is made with cord 2 (left). 

Bring it through the first loop under - over (from below).

Pass it over the working end of the other cord as well.


Loop 2  

Step 3:  Rotate cord 2 counter-clockwise, bringing the end of it under the secured end of cord 1 (upper right).

Pass it through the first loop, under - over - over the three segments.


Detail of First 2 Loops  

Always keep the secured tails at the top, and the working ends at the bottom.

Tighten the first loop by pulling on the working end. The second loop should be left a little loose.


Loop 3  

Step 4: Bring the working end of cord 1 under the working end of cord 2.

Pass it through Loop 2 from the top. This creates the third loop.

Arrange it so it rests below the first loop (on the left).


Detail of 3 Loops  

Before moving on, tighten loop 2 by pulling on the end.

Leave loop 3 a little loose.

Flip over the Chinese Snake Knot, so the third loop is on the right. (see next image).


Pass Through Loop on Right  

Step 5: Rotate the end of cord 2 (on the right) in a clockwise direction, passing under the working end of cord 1.

Pass it through the last loop made (3). Tighten loop 3, leaving the new loop (4) a little loose.


Detail of 4 Loops  

When using two colors to make the Chinese Snake Knot, the loops of each color will be on the same side.

Flip over the knot again, before moving on to the next step.



Step 6: Repeat this process several more times to make the Snake Knot longer.  

Refer to step 5 as needed, even though the colors will change as you progress.



Design Tips: Make sure you always flip the knot over first, before making the next loop.

Always use the working cord on the right. Pass it under the working end of the other cord before you rotate it around clockwise.

Always pass the end into the loop previously made, which will be on the right.


Tighten Previous Loop  

You tighten this knot as you progress.

After the new loop is made, pull on the end of the other cord, to tighten the loop you passed the end through.


Completed Knot   This is the completed Chinese Snake Knot.

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