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Lizard Tail

Lizard Tail

Description: The Lizard Tail is similar to the Chain Sennit in the way it's constructed.  It's also related to the Zipper Sennit.

A series of bights are passed through one another, alternating between two colors. 

This decorative knot is not flat like other bars and braids. It has three surfaces.

You can use this design for items like leashes and straps, or as part of plant hanger designs.

A Macrame wreath can be made with this design, or you can make it small, for a pair of Micro-Macrame earrings. Just tie the knot and form a circle, joining the two ends with additional knots.





This design can be seen on the Fusion Knots website

Designs by JD Lenzen

Click on the link or image to visit.

The video gallery contains tutorials for this and other interesting knotting techniques and designs.


Fusion Knots Website

Make a Loop  

Step 1: To practice, you need two cords, at least 36 inches long. Arrange them vertically, secured at the bottom of your board.

Use the color A cord on the left to make a loop, rotating clockwise.


Pass Bight Through Loop  

Step 2:  Make a bight with the color B cord (green).  Pass it through the loop over - under.  Pull on the working end of color A to tighten the loop around the bight.

Make sure the working end of the color B cord is on your right when you finish.


Working End on Right  

Step 3: Make the next bight with the working end of color A.

Pass it through the bight made with color B, keeping the working end on the right.


Important: The working ends of both cords should always be on the right as you progress, or the design will not work out.

Tighten the First Bight  

Step 4: Pull on the working end of the color B cord to tighten the previous bight around the new one.


Switch Colors  

Step 5: Now switch colors again, making a bight with the color B cord.

Pass it through the one from step 3, and then pull the working end of the other cord to tighten the previous bight.


Alternate Colors   Step 6: Repeat steps 3 - 5 several times, switching back and forth between the two colors.

Pass End Through   Step 7: To complete the Lizard Tail sennit, pass one END through the last bight, rather than another bight.

Front and Back Views  

Here's a view of the completed sennit, both back and front.

The front is flat, and the back has two surfaces, so it's raised.


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