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Larks Head Earrings

Larks Head Earrings

Description:  These Larks Head Earrings feature one of the most commonly used Macrame knots, the Vertical Larks Head.  The crossed elements are formed by using two hoops. 

Important:  Be sure to use hoops that have two attachment points at the top.

In the example shown, I used teardrop shaped hoops, but any shape will work for this earring design. The material was cotton embroidery cord.

You can make these Micro-Macrame earrings with more than one color, and add a charm in the center for decoration.

This project is rated Easy, since only two knots are used in the design.
Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm cord material
  • Two 2-inch hoops
  • Two 1-inch hoops
  • Two Earring Hooks
  • Two small Jump Rings
  • Extra Rings and Charms (optional)
  • Project Board and pins
  • Fabric Glue that dries clear
Knots Used:  Overhand Knot  and Vertical Larks Head

Two Hoops

Preparation:  Attach a ring to the inside attachment of the 2-inch hoop, as well as the top opening of the 1-inch hoop.

This connects the two hoops. 

Step 1:  Cut 2 cords, each 40 inches long (or one of each color).

Prepare the ends with glue and allow it to dry before starting the Larks Head earrings.

Overhand Knot

Tie an Overhand knot in the center of cord 1 (blue). 

Position it over the top of the 2-inch hoop, so the crossed area is in the back.

Tighten the knot firmly.


First Half

Step 2:  Use the right half of the cord to tie the first half of the Larks Head knot, as follows: 

Pass the cord over - under the right edge of the large hoop, rotating clockwise.  As you bring it to the right, pass it over the cord.  Pull on the end to tighten the knot firmly.

Second Half

To make the second half of the knot, bring the cord under the hoop, over it, and under the cord on the right.

Both steps = 1 Vertical Larks Head knot

Two Knots

Tie another knot on the right, positioning it close to the first one.

Use the left half of the cord to tie 2 knots on the left.
These knots are constructed counter-clockwise.

Attach Cord 2

Step 3:  Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add cord 2 (purple) to the small hoop.   Make sure the crossed area of the Overhand knot is in the back. 

Mentally label the two cords, and pass the ends of  cord 2 under the right and left edges of the large hoop. 

Important:  As you follow the remaining steps for the Larks Head Earrings, make sure you always pass the end under the large hoop, before tying the next knot.  

Two Knots

Step 4:  Tie 2 Vertical Larks Head knots with cord 2, onto the large hoop. 

Inner Hoop

Step 5:  Move cord 1 to the inside, passing under the large hoop first.  You will tie only one knot:

Bring it over - under the left edge of the small hoop, and over the cord (counter-clockwise)

Tie the second half of the knot under - over - under.

Make sure the two knots tied on the large hoop don't twist (cord 1).


Move cord 1 under the large hoop so it's in position for the next two knots. 

Repeat step 4 using cord 1.

Repeat step 5 on the other side, but tie the knot rotating clockwise.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 several more times, until you reach the widest area of the Larks Head earrings, near the bottom (see next image).

Here are some tips: 

Push all the knots close together as you progress, so the crossed cords have tension.

Switch back and forth between the left and right side of the design, as you progress. You should not tie the knots on just one side at a time.

Alternate between the two cords, tying 1 knot on the inner hoop, and 2 knots on the outer.  Switch cords and repeat this process.

Step 6:  Below is a "map" for the number of knots to tie for the Larks Head earrings.  The inner hoop will have single knots all the way around.

Number of Knots

The outer hoop has 2 knots, except for one set at the lower area, which should be 3 knots. 

The number of knots at the bottom center will depend on the material you use. Try to tie as many as you can, pushing the knots close to each other to fit them in.

Cords at Bottom

Step 7:  It's important that the last knots you tie are at the bottom of the large hoop, in the center.

This way all the ends are together for the finishing knots.


Step 8:  Turn over the earring so the finishing knots are in the back.  Tie a tight Overhand knot with two cords, applying glue to the point where it will rest.  Add a little more glue to the top.

Repeat this with the other two cords. Allow the glue to dry completely before cutting off the extra material.


Step 9:  Attach the ear hook directly to the hoop, since the Larks Head Earrings look better in one direction.   Make sure the front is facing forward when you try them on.  

To decorate the inside of the small hoop, you can add two or three small rings, and attach a charm (optional).

Step 10:  Repeat steps 1 - 9 to make a second earring (optional).

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