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Globe Knot

Globe Knot


Description: The Globe Knot is a type of Celtic knot called the Seal of Solomon, which is also described on the page called Round Knots.

Instead of a creating a flat design, the knot is tightened to form a round, finished ball. Both ends can be tucked inside the sphere, or the knot can dangle from one portion of the cord.

This interesting decorative knot can be used as a head for Macrame animals, or even as part of jewelry designs. 

Try making with thick rope and use it for a dog's toy, or use fine material for a pair of designer earrings.

The material used in the example is Paracord, which requires you to melt the tips to seal in the inner fibers.


Loop 1  

Step 1:  Secure one end of a 36-inch cord to your project board.

Make a clockwise loop 6 inches from the end.

Move the working end above the loop and secure it.


Second Loop  

Step 2: Bring the working end down, passing over the first loop. This creates a second loop at the top.

Bring the working end under the short end (secured).



Step 3: Bring the working end through both loops, moving clockwise.

Weave over - under - over - under the four segments.

This creates the third loop on the left.


Working End Next to Tail  

Step 5: To make the fourth loop, rotate the working end clockwise, so it's next to the short tail (secured end).

When you complete the next step, you will be able to clearly see the fourth loop of the knot.


Follow the Path  

Step 6:  Move the working end through the entire knot, following the path of the first portion.

Stop when you reach the secured tail.

Pass the end to the back, so it rests under Loop 3.


Tighten Slightly  

Step 7: Tighten the knot slightly, so there is only a small amount of space showing between the segments.

Start at the tail and work through the first knot, then tighten the doubled portion.


Form a Ball  

Step 9: Tie an Overhand knot in the short tail, close to the tip.

Push the Globe knot into a ball shape, and arrange the Overhand Knot inside.

Tighten it further, forming a tight sphere.


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