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Round Knots

 Round Knots
                                 Cloud Knot                   Seal of Solomon

Description:  Round Knots can be used as pendants, or for items like pot holders, coasters, and even small rugs. 

On this page are two interesting decorative knots that are round and have the woven elements common in Celtic designs.

The Cloud knot starts with a Josephine knot. There are two additional loops at the bottom.

The Seal of Solomon is sometimes called the Flat Turks Head knot.

It is a vintage historical knot known by many Celtic artists. It also begins with a Josephine knot.


I found the Cloud Knot on the Fusion Knots website Designs by J. D. Lenzen.

Be sure to visit by clicking on the image or link. 

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing knot designs.

  Fusion Knots

Cloud Knot

Cloud Knot

The Cloud Knot is the easiest of the two round knots shown on this page.

The first 3 steps below describe the process for making the Josephine knot.

Loop 1  

Step 1: Fold a 36-inch cord in half and secure it at the center.

Make a counter-clockwise loop with the left half. The end should pass under to make the crossing point.


Loop 2  

Step 2: Bring the right end down, across the center of the first loop, resting on top of it. This creates a second loop.

Before moving on to the next step, pass the right end under the left.


Loop 3  

Step 3: To create the third loop, bring the right end to the top of the knot.

Weave it over - under - over - under the four segments of loops 2 and 1.



Design Tip: Both of these Round Knots feature changes at the bottom.

Make sure you follow the instructions for the bottom areas closely.


Move Ends  

Step 4:  Re-arrange the end on the right so it rests over the lower portion of Loop 1 rather than under it.

Do the same with the end on the left, arranging it so it rests under Loop 3, rather than over it.


Weave Left End  

Step 5: Move the end on your left to Loop 1.

Weave it under - over - under the 3 segments, moving upward on a diagonal slant.


Weave Right End  

Step 6: Move the end on your right to Loop 3.

Pass it under the left end in the center.

Weave it over - under - over the three segments heading upward.


Tighen the Cloud Knot  

Round knots need to be balanced, so take your time as you tighten this knot.

Use a second cord if you wish to double the knot.


Macrame Cord Divider

Seal of Solomon

Seal of Solomon

Represents fire, water, and balance.


First Loop  

Step 1: Secure one end of a 60-inch cord to your board.  Make a clockwise loop 6 inches from the end.

Bring the working end up in an arch above the loop and secure it.


Loop 2  

Step 2: Bring the working end down, passing over the middle of the first loop. This creates Loop 2.

Bring the working end under the secured end.


Loop 3  

Step 3: Bring the working end through loops 1 and 2, weaving over - under - over - under.

This creates the third loop on the left.


Step 4: Tighten and balance the knot so all three loops are the same size.

When you are first learning to make round knots like this one, enlarge the loops so they are around 2 inches in size, to give you room to work.

Loop 4  

Step 5: Move the working end clockwise to the left so it's to the right of the short tail, inside Loop 3.

This will make a 4th loop at the bottom, which is shown in the image below.


Follow the Path  

Step 6:  Use the working end to follow the path of the knot, all the way through. 

This image shows the doubling in only a portion of the knot.  The image below shows the completed process.

Make sure the second portion stays on the same side of the loops in the first half.


Completed Knot  

Round knots can be a challenge to tighten and balance.

The best approach is to remove the slack in the order the loops were made. Start by tightening the first knot and then tighten the doubled portion.


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