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Eternity Knot

 Eternity Knot


Description: The Eternity Knot is a wonderful decorative knot that can be tied with a single cord.  It symbolizes the never ending cycle of life. 

It's a great knot to use in Micro-Macrame jewelry designs, especially between beads.

Paracord was used in the example shown.  Please read Cord Preparation to learn how to properly prepare this material if you intend to use it.


Eternity Necklace

The Eternity Necklace is a Micro-Macrame project that features this knot. 

Click on the image or link to view the page.


I found this knot in Decorative Fusion Knots written by JD of Tying it All Together.

Visit the website by clicking on this link or image.

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing decorative knots.

  Fusion Knots


Step 1: To practice, make a loop anywhere on a cord that's at least 18 inches long.

Make sure the left passes over the right to make the crossing point. 

Secure the right half of the cord (on your left).


Step 2: Fold the working end to make a bight, and push it through the loop under - over (from below).


Tighten Loop

Step 3:  Pull the bight to tighten the first loop.

Reduce the size of the bight by pulling the working end.

Through Bight

Step 4:  Move the working end counter-clockwise (right to left). 

Pass it through the bight over - under (front to back if you are holding the cord).


Tighten Bight

Step 5: Pull the lower portion of the new loop in the area indicated, close to the tightened portion.  This will tighten the bight. 

Adjust the size of the loop to 2 inches by pulling on the working end.


Designer's Tip:  The blue X you see in the image above is the segment that moves in the next step.


Twist Loop

Step 6: Twist the loop toward you, so the back portion (X) crosses over the front portion (figure 8).

This is the most challenging part to the Eternity knot.  The material make kink somewhat, especially if you are using Paracord.


Thru Loop

Step 7: Bring the working end around in a clockwise direction.  Pass it through the right opening in the loop under - over (back to front if you are holding the cord).



Step 8:  Reduce the size of the loop gradually by pulling the working end in the area indicated, near the tightened portions of the knot.

Work out any kinks in the material.

Eternity Knot

This is the completed Eternity Knot.


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