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Corset Spine

Corset Spine

Description: The Corset Spine is a combination of the Endless Falls technique, along with crossed elements.

There are loops along the edges, making it neat and compact. This type of sennit can be used to make a Macrame belt, bracelet, purse strap, or in items like plant hangers.

In the example shown, there is a loop at one end. A ring can be attached to it to make an interesting key chain.

For a belt or bracelet, you would use the loop as a clasp, with a button or decorative knot on the opposite end.

The material I used in the example is 3mm Paracord. For practicing, I highly recommend it.


I found the Corset Spine on the Fusion Knots website. Be sure to check out the site by clicking on this image.

If you are looking for new and exciting knots to experiment with, I highly recommend you view the video gallery, and get this great book.

  Fusion Knots


Step 1: Cut 1 cord, 30 inches long (color A - brown).

Cut another cord, 60 inches long (color B- white).

When making something with this technique, the color B cord should be at least 7 times the finished length of the item.


Color A Under Color B  

Fold the color B cord in half and secure it to your board vertically.

Place the color A cord underneath, resting horizontally as shown. The centers of both cords should be lined up.


Cross the Ends  

Step 2: Pass the left half of the color A cord over the right, to make the first cross.

All the crossed areas in the Corset Spine are made left over right.


Turn Over and Cross Ends  

Step 3: Turn over the design, so you are working in the back. Cross the two ends of the color A cord again (left over right).

Take note of the space between the two halves of the color B cord. That's where the ends pass through in the next step.


Ends Through Space  

Step 4: Bring the ends of the color B cord up and through the space between the two halves, forming two loops.

Make sure the ends go through below the cross in the front (step 2).


Move the Loops  

Tighten the first knot by pulling downward on the two ends of the color B cord first.

Then pull on the two ends of the color A cord.

The final step is to push the two loops right and left, so they are resting at the edges of the sennit.


Turn to the Front   Step 5: Turn the design to the front again, and cross the color A cords, as you did in step 2.

Back of Design  

Step 6: Turn the design to the back and cross the color A cords again (as in step 3).

Pass the ends of the color B cords into the space between the two halves (as in step 4).  

This takes place below the crossed area in front.


Corset Spine   Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 several more times to complete the Corset Spine.

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Have any comments about the Corset Spine? Contact Me.


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