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Corset Spine

Corset Spine

Description: The Corset Spine is a variation of the Endless Falls technique.  You add one extra cross to form the design you see above.

There are loops along the edges, making it somewhat flexible. So this type of sennit can be used as a belt, a pet collar, or similar projects.  It makes a nice Paracord bracelet, too.

There is a loop at one end that can be used as a clasp.  You simply tie a button knot at the other end.


The Corset Spine can be found on Fusion Knots.

Click on this image or link to view the knot gallery, which contains video instructions for many great knots.

  Fusion Knots



To practice, cut 1 holding cord, 30 inches long (Gold cord in images)

Cut one working cord, 60 inches long (Brown cord in images)

When using this technique for a Macrame project, both cords should be at least 7 x the finished length of the item you are making.


Front Cross

Step 1: Fold the working cord in half and secure it to your board vertically.

Place the center of the holding cord underneath it, then bring both halves on top of the working cord. 

Cross them left over right. 


Back Cross

Step 2: Turn the cords upside down, so you are working in the BACK. 

Cross the two halves of the holding cord again. 



Step 3: Fold both halves of the working cord backward, passing over the crossed area of the holding cord. 

Move them down through the space indicated, passing under the crossed area as you pull them toward you.



Tighten the knot by pulling both halves of the holding cord first.  Make sure both the front and back crossed areas are tight.

Then tighten the working cord.

Push the folded loops right and left, so they are as flat as possible.


Front Cross
  Step 4: Turn the design over again, so you are working in the FRONT.

Cross the holding cord left over right, resting on top of the working cord.

Back Cross

Step 5: Turn the design upside down again, so you are working in the BACK.

Make the second cross with the holding cord.



Step 6: Repeat Step 3.

When you tighten the working cord, make sure this knot is close to the previous one (no gap). 

Designer's Tip:  As you continue making the Corset Spine, see if you can cross the holding cord in the front without turning the sennit over.

It speeds things up if you can keep the BACK of the knot face up the whole time.

  Step 7: Repeat Steps 4 - 6 several more times, or until the sennit is the size you need for your project.

Front View

Step 8:  Turn the sennit over so you can see the front. 

Make sure all the crossed areas are tight. 

Square Knot

Step 9: Use both the holding cord to tie a tight Square Knot around the working cord. (Optional)

Finish off the ends in the manner most appropriate for your project.

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