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Celtic Triangle Knot

Celtic Triangle Knot 

Description: The Celtic Triangle Knot is a historical knot based on the symbol called the Triquetra, which is found in many ancient European art designs.

It represents a variety of concepts, such as body, mind and spirit,as well as the elements -- earth, air and water.

This decorative knot is sometimes called the Trinity Knot, one of the earliest designs found in art related to Christianity.

Leather and Satin are good choices if you are using this Celtic knot for jewelry, since you need material that holds it shape.

To see a Macrame project where this knot is featured, see the Triangle Earrings.

When using Leather or Satin cord, make sure you use the Cross Pin Technique to secure the loops.


  First Loop  

Step 1: Cut one cord, at least 18 inches long.  Mentally label the ends right and left. 

Make the first loop by passing the left end of the cord  over the right to form the crossing point.  Secure the crossed area.


  Second and Third Loops  

Step 2: Make a counter-clockwise loop with the left end, which is now on the right.

Make a clockwise loop with the right end, passing the end under to form the crossing point. 

Bring it over the left end before moving on to the next step.


  Pass End Through Loop 2  

Step 3: Pass the right end through Loop 2, entering it from below (under - over).


  Link the Three Areas By Weaving  

Step 4: Pass the right end under Loop 1, as you bring it towards the left upper area of the knot.


  Pass End Through Loop 3   Step 5: Pass the left end through Loop 3, entering it from the top (over - under).

  Weave End Through Loop 1   Step 6: Weave the left end through the three segments in Loop 1, over - under - over.

  Tighten the Knot   Tighten the Celtic Triangle Knot gradually. The bottom loops should be small and the top one larger.

I left the knot loose so you could see the design, but you can tighten it to any size.

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