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Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

Description:  This beautiful Celtic Cross pattern is easy to make, and requires only two cords. It can be doubled, if you plan to use very fine materials (less than 2mm thick).

This Macrame pattern demonstrates the woven pattern typical of all Celtic decorative knots. The Satin Rosary includes this design as a pendant, which is the best way to use it.

I used Nylon Paracord to make the Celtic Cross shown in the example, but Satin and Leather work really well, too.



Supplies Needed:

  • 2mm to 4mm Macrame Cord, in two different colors
  • Project Board and pins (or tape)


Cutting and Preparing Cords

IMPORTANT:  Secure all the loops in some manner. 

When using Leather or Satin cord, use tape or the Cross-Pin Technique, to prevent the pins from damaging the fibers.
  • Cut 1 Color A cord, 30 inches long. 
  • Cut 1 Color B cord, 72 inches or longer, depending on the size of the necklace you are making.

To figure out the length of the second cord, just add 30 inches to what you need to make the necklace.

In the images, Color A is yellow, and Color B is green. 

Prepare the ends with glue or tape to prevent unraveling.



Color A Cord Details

Loop 1   Loop 1:  Use the Color A cord to make a loop in the center, so the right end crosses over the left. 

Loop 2   Loop 2:  Use the end that is now on the left.

Make the second loop in a clockwise direction, positioning it below and to the left of the first loop. 

Loop 3  

Loop 3:  The third loop should be positioned across from loop 2.  Rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, using the right half of the cord.  

The end should pass under to make the crossing point. 


Cross the ends right over left, and secure them to your board.

The crossing point should be lined up with the center of Loop 1.

Cross Right Over Left  

Area 4: Cross the end that is now on the right over the left end. Secure the crossing point.

The crossed area should line up with the one you made in the last step.



Cross Right Over Left  

Area 5: Cross the end that is now on the right over the left end.

The third crossed area should line up with the other two above it.

The first half of the Celtic Cross is now finished.



Color B Cord -- Weaving Process


Step 1: Fold the Color B cord in half, and secure it in the center, between the ends of the Color A cord (at the bottom).

Center Color B Cord  

The right portion should pass under the right end of Color A.

The left portion should pass over the left end.


Right End Placement  

Step 2: Move the right portion of the Color B cord upward to the left, passing over Area 5.

Bring it back to the right, passing under Area 4.

Bring the end to the upper right, over Loop 3.


Weave Through Loop 3  

Step 3: Make a clockwise loop with the right portion of the Color B cord.

Weave the end under - over - under the three segments for loop 3.  


Pass Over Loop 1  

Step 4: Move the right end towards the upper left area of the Celtic Cross. It should rest on top of Loop 1.


Area 5 Weaving  

Step 5: Now you will use the left portion of the Color B cord.

Weave it towards the right through Area 5, passing under - over - under the three segments.


Area 4 Weaving  

Step 6: Weave the left end back to the left, through Area 4, over - under - over the three segments.

Pass the end under Loop 2.


Loop On Left  

Step 7: Make a counter-clockwise loop by weaving the end through Loop 2, over - under - over the three segments.


Loop 1 Weaving  

Bring the end up to Loop 1, heading left to right.  Weave through, passing under - over - under.



Step 8: Tighten the Celtic Cross gradually and evenly so itÂ’s balanced. 

Finish off the ends of the Color A Cords by securing them to the back of the design and applying glue to hold them in place. 

Since the Color B cord was cut longer, you can now use it to make the necklace.


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