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Braid Bracelet

Braid Bracelet

Description: This interesting Braid Bracelet is an easy Macrame project for kids as well as beginners. It's made with the two color Round Braid technique and has a loop with an easy button knot closure.

Make sure you practice the knots before you try creating this Macrame bracelet.

I used 3mm Paracord in the images, but you can use any type of material to make this bracelet design.


Supplies Needed:

  • 2mm to 4mm cord material in two colors
  • Glue
  • Project Board and Pins


Knots Used:



Instructions for Round Braid

Cross Right Over Left  

Step 1: Cut one cord of each color, 60 inches long. Make a loop in the center of the color A cord (green), crossing right over left.

Pass the color B cord (yellow) through the loop as shown, so the centers line up.

Move the color B cord down, so it's next to the crossing point of the first loop (see next image).


Cross Back Over Front  

Step 2: Bring the left half of the color B cord over the front of the crossed area.

Bring the right half to the back of the crossed area.

Finally, cross the two ends, back over front (or right over left).



Design Tip:  It's best to tighten the Braid Bracelet as you progress, rather than at the end. Leave the first loop large, about an inch in size. It will be used for the clasp.

The color A cord should always remain flat on the board, so the ends move side to side.

The color B cord is sideways, so the ends move front to back.

When you cross the two halves, it should always be done right over left (or back over front for color B).


Use First Cord Again  

Step 3: Move the color A cord that's now on the left under the left half of the color B cord.

Move the right half over the right portion of the color B cord.

Cross the two halves of the color A cord, right over left. Pull on all four ends to tighten the loops.


Use Cord 2 Again  

Step 4: The color B cord is next. The portion now on the left goes over the front of the crossed area. The right end goes over the back.

Bring the back portion over the front to complete the loop.

Move the color B cord down, so it's next to the crossing point of the first loop.


Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 several times, until the Braid Bracelet is the size you want.

Keep in mind you will be adding a button knot for the clasp.

Optional Square Knot  

Step 6: Tie a Square Knot (or other knot) to hold the cords in place.

Two ends are used to tie the knot and the other two are the fillers. 



Instructions for Clasp

You can use any type of round knot for the clasp. You can also use a regular plastic button or a bead, instead of a knot.

Here are the instructions for a simple Oysterman Button Knot.



First, finish off the 2 working ends for the Square Knot you made in the previous step. You can tuck them through two loops in the Braid Bracelet and apply glue to hold them in place.

Make a counter-clockwise loop with the two fillers working together.


Bight Through Loop  

Form a bight (fold) with the ends and pass it through the loop under - over (from below).

Tighten the loop by pulling on the left side of the bight.

Try to keep it 1/2-inch from the Square Knot.


Pass End Through Bight  

Bring the ends under the cords near the SK, and then through the bight (over - under).

Add glue near the tightened portion.  Pull on the area shown, to tighten the bight

Then pull on the ends to tighten the rest of the Oysterman knot. 


Cut off Excess   Apply glue to the outside of the Oysterman knot and allow it to dry.

Then cut off the excess material close to the knot.

Braid Bracelet   This is what the completed Braid Bracelet will look like when you are through.

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Have any comments about the Braid Bracelet? Contact Me.


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