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Boot Lace Bar

Boot Lace Bar

Description:  The Boot Lace Bar is a unique way of combining Half Hitches with extra loops.

This decorative knot includes a Square knot, so be sure you know how to tie one.

The loops along the sides represent the grommets, and the light colored areas are the laces for the boots.

Paracord was used in the example shown.  The tips of the cords need to be melted with a flame during preparation.


This knot design came from the Fusion Knots website.  Click the image or link to visit.

The video gallery contains many unique combination knots as well as historical knots.

Fusion Knots


To practice, you need two cords, each at least 2 yards long.  You should have one dark and one light cord, if possible.

When making a project with the Boot Lace Bar, determine the finished length you are aiming for and multiply that by 12.

Cut the light cord (color B) longer if you plan to make a button knot for a clasp.

Prepare the ends in some manner to prevent unraveling. 

The loop at the top is optional, but you should make it when practicing since it's the best way to start the bar.

Cord A = Dark          Cord B = Light


Step 1:  Make a loop in the center of Cord A, crossing right over left.

Slide Cord B through the loop as shown, matching the centers.

Move Cord B

Move Cord B down, passing the right half over the front of the crossed area.

The left half should be in back of the cross.

Step 2:  Now you tie a Half Knot (first half of Square Knot). 

Mentally label the two ends of Cord A where they are now (right and left).

Step A
<< Move the right end of Cord A  over Cord B, and under the left end of Cord A (right to left).

Move the left end under Cord B and over Cord A, as you pull it out on the right.  >>
Step B

Step 2, continued:  Tighten the knot and adjust the size of the loop.  You can remove it completely if you wish.

Arrange the two ends of Cord B so they are side-by-side.  

Half Hitch

Step 3:  Mentally number the cords 1 - 4.  

Tie a Half Hitch with cord 3, passing over -under cords 1 and 2 in a clockwise direction.

As you pull it to the right, pass over cord 3.

Outer Loop

Rotate cord 1 in a clockwise direction, and pass the end through the Half Hitch.

Important:  The end needs to pass under the portion of cord 1 coming from the top. 

Outer Loop

This is another view of the Half Hitch and the outer loop being made.   

You pass the end into the Half Hitch from the top, and pull straight down.

Step 4: Tightening the Boot Lace Bar is done in 3 steps:

First, reduce the size of the Half Hitch and the outer loop, by pulling on the ends.

Next, work the slack out of cord 1, in the area above the loop.  That's the portion coming from the knot above.  (see next image)

Finally, pull the end of cord 1 and cord 3, until it's firmly tightened.

Half Hitch

Step 5:  On the right, make a Half Hitch with cord 2 around cords 3 and 4.

The loop is made counter-clockwise.

Outer Loop

Make the outer loop with cord 1, rotating counter-clockwise.

Move the end through the Half Hitch, passing under the segment of cord 1 coming from the top.


Step 6: Tighten both loops firmly, as in step 4.

There should be no slack in the areas indicated (above the loops).

Repeat on Left
<<   Repeat steps 3 and 4. 

Repeat step 5.  >>

Remember to pass the end under the segment coming from previous knot. When tightening, be sure to remove all the slack between the two sets of loops.
Repeat on Right

Step 7:  Repeat steps 3 - 5 several times, until the design is the size you want. 

You need at least 6 inches of material for the final knot.


Here's a view of the Boot Lace Bar after the third set of loops are made.

The outer loops made by cord A are as close together as possible (both sides).

The areas made by cord B should be the same size.

Square Knot

Step 8:  Tie a Square Knot to finish the bar. 

The direction depends on which side you stopped tying the loops:

Last knot on Left = Right Square Knot

Last knot on Right = Left SK.

Step 9:  Move the ends of cord A to the back and finish them off by sliding them under the knots.  (Optional if just practicing)

When using Paracord or material that melts, you can cut the ends close to the Square Knot and melt the tips to fuse them.

The ends of cord B can be used to form a button knot for a clasp.


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