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Trilobite Knot

Trilobite Knot
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Trilobite Fossil


Description: The Trilobite Knot is a very unique decoration you can use for key chains, necklaces, ornaments, and similar types of Macrame projects. 

This knot has the three ribbed lobes typical of Trilobite fossils. There is a loop at the top, which can be used to hang the design. 

Children will love this interesting decorative knot, since it is easy to make, and will definitely attract attention.   Just learning this knot could be a group project.

History: A Trilobite is a fossil of an extinct marine arthropod. Back when they were still in existence, some were scavengers and hunters, while others fed on plankton. These fossils have been found in every ocean and continent, so are well known.



I found this great knot in Decorative Fusion Knots written by J. D. Lenzen.

Please visit his website, by clicking on the link or image.

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of unique decorative knots and designs.

  Fusion Knots

Two Bights  

Step 1: Secure the center of a 60-inch cord to your board.

Make two bights, and position them 3 - 4 inches above the center, as in this image. 


Design Tip:  The distance between the center and the top of the bights is what determines the size of the Trilobite knot.

Place Bights Over Pins  

Step 2: Place two pins on your project board, between the bights.   Move the bight on the right over the pins. Then put the left bight over them.

The ends should still rest on either side of the long loop in the center.

First Half of Square Knot  

Step 3: Make the first half of a Square Knot:

Curve the right end over the central loop, and under the left end.  

Pass the left end under the loop, and over the right end, as you pull it to the right.


Step 3, continued:  When tightening, make sure the knot rests 1-inch above the folded area at the center.

The loop in the center is considered ONE vertical segment in the following steps.

Weave Left End  

Step 4: Weave the end now on the left through the vertical segments, over - under - over (left to right).


Weave Right End   Step 5: Weave the end now on the right through the segments, under - over - under (right to left).

The cord should be on an angle, so it passes over the left end.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5  

Step 6: Repeat steps 4 and 5 several times to form the rest of the Trilobite knot. 

The ends have switched places.

So use the ends where they are now, and follow the same instructions.


Pull On Loop  

Step 7: The last two rows should be tighter than the others, so the design is curved.

Remove the pins.

Pull on the loop at the bottom, so that the bights at the top begin to move inside the knot.  Apply glue and then pull the loop firmly to tighten the design all the way.

Trilobite Knot  

Step 8: Turn the knot around so the loop is at the top.  

Trim the ends close to the bottom of the knot and use more glue if necessary.  When using Paracord, melt the ends with a flame.


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Have any comments about the Trilobite Knot? Contact Me.

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