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Trilobite Knot

Trilobite Knot

Description: The Trilobite Knot is a very unique decoration you can use for key chains, necklaces, ornaments, and similar types of Macrame projects. 

This knot has the three ribbed lobes typical of Trilobite fossils. The woven design can be made any size.

Children will love this interesting decorative knot, since it is easy to make.  Try using it as a group activity for school, home, scouts, etc.

The material used in the example is 4mm Paracord.  Please read Cord Preparation to learn how to prepare it properly if you intend to use this material.



History: A Trilobite is a fossil of an extinct marine arthropod. Back when they were still in existence, some were scavengers and hunters, while others fed on plankton. 

These fossils have been found in every ocean and continent, so are well known.


I found this great knot in Decorative Fusion Knots written by JD of Tying it All Together.

Please visit his website, by clicking on the link or image.

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of unique decorative knots and designs.

  Fusion Knots


Step 1: Secure the center of a 60-inch cord to your board (center fold forward). 

Measure from the center backward at least 2 inches, then fold each half of the cord at that point. Bring the ends forward, so it looks like this image. 

(See size information below)


Size Information:  Some Trilobites were long and slender and others were short and fat.  Do an internet search to view images, to see which size appeals to you. 

You have enough material to make a knot 3 inches long.  The one you see in the example is 2.5 inches long, which is the size I recommend.  


Place a pin on your project board, between the two folded segments.   Move the segment on the right over the pin, then do the same with the left segment.

The working ends should still rest on either side of the center fold.


Right to Left

Step 2: Curve the right working end to the right, passing over the center fold close to where it's secured.

Pass it under the left working end.  


Left to Right

Pass the left working end under the center fold, and over the right end, as you pull it out on the right.

Tighten the knot slightly, making sure that area is at least 1-inch wide.

The center should be 1/2-inch from the tightened portion.

Designer's Tip:  This is the best place to arrange the Trilobite knot in the shape you are aiming for.   You will be able to change it again while tightening.

Notice that I changed the shape between the images above and below. 

Left Weaving

Step 3: Mentally label the three vertical segments as shown (A - C).  Segment B has two parts.

Move the working end currently on the left over segment A, under segment B, and over segment C.  Make sure the cord is diagonal.


Right Weaving
  Step 4: Move the working end currently on the right under segment C. 

Bring it over segment B and the left end.

Move it under segment A. 


Step 5: Slide the two working ends forward (toward you), so they become horizontal.  The woven areas should be horizontal, too. 

You can tighten slightly, but be cautious  This area of the Trilobite knot should be as wide as possible.


Step 6: Repeat Step 3 using the working end currently on the left.



Step 7: Repeat Step 4 using the working end currently on the right.

Repeat Step 5 and tighten slightly.


Step 8: Repeat steps 3- 5 several times, until you reach the folded areas and can't do any more weaving. 

When you reach the halfway point, tighten each row a little more, so the shape tapers.

The last two rows of weaving should be tightened firmly.


Pull Loop

Step 9: Pull the center fold (loop) as much as possible, which tightens the entire Trilobite knot. 

Finish off the ends in the manner most appropriate for the material you are using.


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Have any comments about the Trilobite Knot? Contact Me.

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