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Stone Pendant

Stone Pendant

Description: The Stone Pendant is a decorative knot that is designed to wrap around a stone, marble, or similar item.

It surrounds the stone snugly, like a frame, so it's not a flat design. Try to choose a stone that is round or oval in shape, rather than irregular.

It's best to add glue if you want the stone to be permanently attached. Without the glue, you have the opportunity to change the stone as needed.

Paracord was used in the example shown. The material is slippery, so may not provide the best hold if the stone is highly polished or an odd shape.

Hemp and Cotton also work really well.

This project is somewhat challenging for beginners, so you should have some experience tying Macrame knots in general before you try to create it.

Important: This Micro-Macrame design is NOT suitable for cabochons, since they are too thin and will slide out of the knot.  

For a design where you can use flat stones and cabochons, see the Pendant Setting.



The Stone Pendant design is on the Fusion Knots website, under the name "Marble Lantern".

Click on the link or image to visit the site.

See the video gallery to view the tutorials for other interesting knotting techniques and designs.

  Fusion Knots

Supplies Needed:

  • 2mm to 4mm cord material
  • Project Board and pins


Step 1: Cut one cord, 60 inches long.

Prepare the ends with tape, and label them A and B (write on the tape, or use different types of tape).

When using Paracord to make your Stone Pendant, melt the ends with a flame so the inner fibers cannot slide out.


Two Loops  

Secure the end labeled (A) to your board. Move to the center of the cord, and make the first loop in a clockwise direction.

Just above, make a second clockwise loop, which should be larger than the first. Make sure the end passes over to make both crossing points.


Move Loop 2 Downward  

Step 2: Move loop 2 downward, so it rests under loop 1 as shown.

The left side of it should run through the middle of loop 1, on an angle.


Weave Through Loops  

Step 3: Pass the end labeled (B) under the secured end (A), on the left.

Bring it to the right, passing through the two loops, over - under - over - over the four segments. This creates the third loop.


Detail of Base  

This shows the design you just made, which is called the base.

Loop 2 should be enlarged as you tighten the base slightly.



Important:  Note the diamond shaped space between loops 3 and 1.

As you work on the rest of the Stone Pendant, make sure you can identify that space, since it's important in steps 8 and 9.

In the photos, the base is outlined in each step, to help you identify it more easily.


Pass Thru Loop 2  

Step 4: Move the end on the right (B) to the left, horizontally.

Pass it through the large loop (2), over - under the two segments (above the base).



Design Tip: You will be working in the areas above or below the base for the remainder of the Stone Pendant.

Identify the base, and the diamond shaped area, before you complete each step.


Use End A Next  

Step 5: Move the other end (A) in a counter-clockwise direction.

Bring it into Loop 2, going under the right portion of it.


Detail of Area Above the Base  

Step 6: Bring the same end over the curved area made by the other end (B) in step 4.

Pass under it, and then over the top area of Loop 2, as you bring it left.


Step 6, continued: This creates a loop at the bottom of the knot.

The two ends will be near each other on the left (see next image).

Pass Through Loop  

Step 7: Pass the end labeled (B) through the loop you just made, below the base.

Pass over - under the two segments, as you bring it upward towards the right.


Important: Make sure you can clearly identify the base and the diamond shaped space, before you work on the next step.

Come Out Thru Space  

Step 8: Move it over loop 2, rotating counter-clockwise.

Pass the end under the coils further down, as you bring it out through the diamond shaped space.  Pull it towards you. 

Push this end to the right before moving on.


Come Out Thru Space  

Step 9: Bring the other end (A) up to Loop 2, passing under the left area of it.

Pass it under the coils below. Bring it out through the diamond space, pulling it towards you.

Push it to the left before you start tightening.


Loop at Top, Base at Bottom  

Secure the top of Loop 2 to your board. Locate the base and the ends, pulling them downward.

There will be two crossed areas at the top (front and back).



Important:  Remember that the Stone Pendant is not a flat design.

The base is at the bottom, and the stone will sit on it. The area at the top has a similar shape when fully tightened.

The segments that form the sides are straight up and down. It helps if you hold the knot so it dangles, placing your finger inside while tightening.

To adjust the size of the loop at the top, you'll need to remove the slack all the way through the knot.  Be careful not to change anything.

Stone Inside Knot  

Tighten and shorten the knot gradually, until the pendant is slightly smaller than the stone.

Place the stone inside, stretching the knot to fit. Pull on the ends and the loop firmly. You can add glue if you wish.


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